Thursday, August 18, 2016

Making Like ESPN Key to TWITTER Survival

Say the word “Twitter” these days and it won’t mean an emotional reaction, but rather a major part of the daily social media experience. A peek every day at what’s “trending” in the social network of “few words” can get you up to speed with the latest in life, the universe, and everything; or probably just the next best thing: politics, showbiz, tech, et cetera. But times are changing, and Twitter seems to be losing attention. It’s going to have to do something new before loss of attention meant loss of patronage. And it has.

Recent news about Twitter tells that it’s trying to branch into the sports scene. And that’s a perfect fit right there. Sports events are at their best when presented live, that’s just what the doctor ordered, with Twitter signing deals with big sports names to feature on its social network.

At the latest, they are close to inking an arrangement to become available on Apple’s next iThing, a TV. What’s the reason? Why, to live-stream sports events covered by Twitter on your Apple television, that’s why. It’s such a good idea to many, when The New York Times printed it, Twitter stocks went up by 7% last Monday. This service is thanks to Twitter’s live-streaming subsidiary, Periscope.

Earlier this year, the company has come together with the NFL. This coming season Thursday Night Football games will now be streamed on Twitter. This is probably a major contribution of the social network’s CFO Anthony Noto, who held the same position for the NFL prior. And close on the NFL’s heels for similar deals are the NBA, NHL, MLB and the Pacific-12 College sports conference.

Sports coverage means advertising. And Twitter really, really needs more ads. And this way the get to keep people around especially sports aficionados. Pro sports advertisers are some heavy names unto themselves as well. It’s all the better for Twitter if they can show Pepsi and Fiat Chrysler ads on their network.

In a way, Twitter is on the road to reinventing itself as the ESPN of social media, where people go to see games live. It’s resigned to the fact that Facebook is nigh-invincible on the market and has therefore found a niche that is all its own. That’s something Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey can be really proud of, with stock shares recovering from its slump thanks to news of its new direction.

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