Tuesday, August 9, 2016


The story of Jack the Ripper stalking the night and cutting up people in 19 th Century London is an indelible part of the city’s long and colorful history. Recent happenings in London seem to recall this infamous shadowy figure, but hold none of its mystery.

BBC reports that a lone man went on a rampage in London’s Russell Square in the evening of Wednesday August 3. The attacks left dead the wife of an American professor visiting the city, and wounded five others in the immediate vicinity.

London Metropolitan Police identified the fatality as 64-year old Darlene Horton, married to Florida State University Professor of Psychology Richard Wagner, who had been teaching at the Summer Studies Program of London University. Tragically the two had been planning to return to their home in Tallahassee on Thursday. She died being cradled by her husband on the sidewalk.

The other people who were injured were mostly from overseas: American, Israeli and Australian, with two women and three men. Statements from police say that while their injuries were not life-threatening, one of the wounded needed to be hospitalized.

The victims were attacked not far from the Imperial Hotel. Bystanders were able to alert police who responded at the scene to pursue the suspect, identified by his bloody hands. When he refused to stop fleeing, officers subdued him with Tasers. He spent time confined in Bedford Place for his own injuries before being transferred fully into police custody.

The arrested suspect was a 19-year old male; a Norwegian national but of Somali origin, but initial questioning could find no evidence that he may have been influenced by radical extremists, according to Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police

The main thrust of theinvestigation had been to determine if the suspect was instead suffering from problems of mental health. They therefor rule that the attacker acted spontaneously and randomly chose his victims.

Inquiries were made with the National Criminal Investigation Service in Norway, which revealed that the as-yet unnamed perpetrator emigrated from the country back in 2002. It has not yet been determined if he had moved and become a resident of Britain.

The effects of the incident were felt the morning after on Thursday with a heavier police presence. While not yet confirmed as a terror attack like those that took place in mainland Europe, Assistant Commissioner Rowley felt it best to consider all possibilities.

The US Ambassador to the UK Matthew Barzun broke the news on his Twitter account and gave his condolences to Horton’s family.

Photo Credit to www.thephuketnews.com


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