Wednesday, August 10, 2016


It seems things have started to turn around for “Saturday Night Live” regular and one of the
“Ghostbusters” remake lead stars Leslie Jones, after the bout with racist and misogynist bashing she had been receiving over her role on social media the previous months. Lately she has been one of several US celebrities who have been taking their fascination over the ongoing Rio Olympics online, with Jones once again going viral with her video tweets of enthusiastic cheering and hilarious sports commentary on the athletic events as they happened on her TV.

And, as USA Today tells the story, her tweets have attracted some major attention, in particular Jim Bell, who is NBC Sports’ executive producer for their Olympics coverage. A superfan of Jones’s Olympic tweets brought them to Bell’s attention. The next thing Jones knows, the NBC exec had given her a Twitter invite to join the team reporting on the Games at Rio, in an official capacity.

What followed was a barrage of tweets from Jones, one a video of her singing “Guess who’s going to Rio?” followed by another with her waving the American flag and wearing a “Slay All Day” USA shirt. Further information reveals that she will be serving in the capacity of a contributor to the NBC Olympics coverage, and is expected to start commentating on Rio this Friday August 12. That still leaves one more week for her to work her magic.

On her Olympic tweets, Jones commanded the attention of her 400,000 strong followers with her sassy blend of straight sports commentary intercut with irreverent jabs and all-American patriotism (as if the flag-colored clothes didn’t give it away) in how her words make her viewers appreciate the powerful showing of American competitors in the Games, topped with a remarkable empathy for strong displays of emotion on the small screen.

Other personalities who have trumpeted their cases of Olympic fever and Team USA support include actress Candace Cameron Bure, power couple TV host Ashton Kutcher and actress Mila Kunis (who wore Ralph Lauren-designed USA blazers and described themselves as “armchair Olympians”), Elizabeth Banks of “Pitch Perfect” who fancied herself becoming an instant expert diving judge every four years, and Kim Kardashian who tweeted how Rio reminded her of attending the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in person, along with how her daughter with rapper Kanye West, North, has been quite taken with US gymnast Simone Biles and was trying to copy her acrobatics in bed.

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