Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ISLAMOPHOBIC Group Stages Mock ISIS Attack in PRAGUE

Suffice to say it’s a cloudy day to be a Muslim in Europe, doubly so for Arabs in the light of recent terror attacks from ISIS and individuals claiming to support them. This rash of incidents have planted the beginnings of a backlash from Europeans, with several localities in France passing legislation to ban and fine Muslim women wearing traditional clothing and the body-covering burkini swimsuit, and the row over limiting Middle Eastern immigration in the EU and the UK.

But a group of anti-immigration protesters in the Czech Republic decided to do one better – or worse – by filing for a rally permit from the Prague City Hall. What came next was completely out of left field as reported by The New York Times.

The group, with the long but pointed name of “We don’t want Islam in the Czech Republic”, carried out a fake terrorist attack in the streets of the capital Prague, with its members dressed in black or military fatigues with fake beards, suicide vests and BB-round assault weapons, riding on a Humvee and camel, and waving an ISIS flag chanting “Allah Akbar”.

To complete the stereotypical Middle Eastern and ISIS imagery, they brought along a goat and a “hostage” in a bright orange jumpsuit. Concealed speakers let out the noise of automatic weapons fire.

As the cavalcade went through the city streets they drew a wide spectrum of reactions. Most extreme was that of a group of Israeli tourists – with children – who were out enjoying the sights that morning; they practically fled for their lives at the approach of the “ISIS” group, knocking over each other and running for cover inside nearby restaurants.

Other onlookers quickly cottoned on to the act and began laughing, snapping pictures or taking video. Finally, some of the tourists were annoyed and put off by the macabre presentation; a woman expressed her indignation by repeatedly yelling “Xenophobe!” at the protesters.

Her feelings were shared by Czech interior minister Milan Chovanec, who described the anti- immigrant groups “idiots” on Twitter.

The leader of the “We don’t want Islam in the Czech Republic” group, University of South Bohemia entomologist Martin Konvicka, was prominently riding on the Humvee dressed as an imam. He went through the motions of preaching Islam to the crowds, claiming “We are bringing the light of the true faith.” At one point his false beard fell off during his play-acting.

Konvicka’s protest, which he called “The Occupation of Prague” was supposedly a demonstration to show his fellow citizens “what life in the Czech Republic would look like under Muslim rule”.

Apparently City Hall did not expect such a spectacle out of the rally permit they gave Konvicka’s group, and police had to break up the protest when they were about to reach their climax, pretending to execute their hostage at Prague’s Old Town district.

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