Saturday, August 6, 2016

HILLARY Nomination Recalls Banned WAL-MART SHIRT of 1995 with IRONY

This week Hillary Clinton “broke a glass ceiling” for women in America by clinching the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. It was certainly a proud moment by any stretch of the imagination, and nobody could possibly be enjoying this moment more other than Clinton herself…and Ann Moliver Ruben: child psychologist, Doctor of Higher Education and Psychology, Hillary supporter par excellence, and something of a prophet for what’s happening now.

Flashback to 1995, Ann Ruben designed a printed children’s shirt that would carry an inspiring message to little girls. She bought rights from King Features Inc. to use a supporting character from one of their comic strips, “Dennis the Menace”. The character was Margaret, Dennis’ rival and occasional one-side crush. She took inspiration from a “Dennis” strip where Dennis bans Margaret from joining his boys-only club because she was a girl. In response, Margaret goes on a rant about women already becoming cops, senators and representatives. Then, raising her arms over her head, Margaret made a declaration, “Someday a woman will be PRESIDENT!”

Ruben printed that panel on the shirts and, after selling first to women’s groups, decided to reach a wider market by having them put on a Florida Wal-Mart. Two weeks later, a complaining customer got the Wal-Mart to pull the shirts off their shelves, and an article on the Tuscaloosa News after the fact put down on print the store’s spokeswoman, Jan Bockholt, saying that Wal-Mart removed the “Someday a woman will be PRESIDENT!” shirts for being offensive to people, and going against the store chain’s “Family Values”.

Fast forward to today, we look at Hillary Clinton’s triumph at the Democratic National Convention and we laugh, or shake our heads. Digital scans of the original news article and a follow-up piece on the Miami Herald (after protests got the Margaret shirts back in Wal-Mart before 1995 was out) have resurfaced on the internet shortly after the DNC. Needless to say, everybody who’s anybody had something to say about it, as evidenced by articles like on the Miami Herald today, as well as Fortune and CNN.

Even Wal-Mart today is acting sheepishly about the Florida store’s decision from years ago, along with a charitable commentary on just how far society has come forward since, that people aren’t worried about women political leaders anymore.

Ruben herself had the good fortune of crossing paths with Hillary herself, as early as 1996 when the then-First Lady was promoting on e of her books on Florida’s West Palm Beach. Ruben had shown up for the book signing wearing an adult-sized Margaret t-shirt and got a hug and nice words from Clinton as extra. Ruben would send another shirt to Clinton in 2014 for her first granddaughter Charlotte. This one is a revision of the original; in addition to Margaret and her bold statement in front, on the back is printed, “Someday is Now”.

Based on the worldwide trending of the DNC and Clinton’s nomination, lots of people agree.

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