Monday, August 8, 2016

GWEN STEFANI Invites BULLY VICTIM Onstage While On Concert

It’s always a crowning moment of heartwarming when a popular performer reaches out and gives encouragement to the people whose lives have been touched by their music. Bonus points also go when these people are but children, and when these little ones have been beset with overwhelming problems like serious illness or social obstacles like bullying.

Last Wednesday July 27, it would be Gwen Stefani’s turn to be an exemplar and paragon in the music industry with a singular act of kindness to a young fan. As Billboard tells the story, Stefani was at West Palm Beach, Florida on another stop of her “This is What the Truth Feels Like” concert tour. In the middle of her performance, a mother in the audience handed her a handwritten poster that read: "My son was bullied from first to fifth grade. He would come home every day upset, but he'd go to his room, listen to your music and smile."

The boy is Brandon Burford, 12 years old. A short and slim young lad with dyed hair style into a ridge, Brandon was an unfortunate bully magnet. Ultimately, his mother had him transferred out of the school he attended until fifth grade to move him away from his bullies. Brandon recalls how just listening to Gwen Stefani’s songs was able to put him in a better mood after being ostracized by his former classmates.

He could never imagine how things would go that night he and his mother went to his idol’s concert and handed her the poster. Stefani, greatly moved by the note, then pointed to Brandon in the crowd and called him up to join her on the stage saying, “Get up here right now, right now!"

To the crowd’s heart cheers, the bullied little boy made his way to the stage where he and his favorite singer embraced, and then burst into tears of joy when Stefani whispered in his ear.

She later invited Brandon backstage where they took a lot of pictures together, some of which would soon make waves in social media. The following day, the No Doubt lead vocalist went on Instagram where she posted an emotion-tugging entry: "About 3 years ago when things were hard in my life I prayed to God every day that I could get a chance to use my gift that God gave me and make a difference in some way in this world. Last night this little guy was the answer to my prayers.”

Among the hash-tags to her post were #zerotoleranceforbullies.

Gwen Stefani’s “This is What the Truth Feels Like” tour next hits Alpharetta, Georgia on July 29.

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