Thursday, August 25, 2016

Don't Remove Audio Jack APPLE WOZNIAK

It’s a fact of life that things ought to try to keep moving forward, like advances in technology. New breakthroughs and upgrades to existing appliances and gadgets have helped them get smaller and slimmer, and therefore more comfortable and easy to take anywhere. But sometimes the advance of tech means that eventually older ones become termed obsolete and discarded.

That’s one thing Steve Wozniak, one of the founding fathers of a pillar of electronic gadgets Apple alongside the late Steve Jobs, is not keen on happening. As TIME reports, he is very pointedly questioning a rumored step of advancement in the company’s planned next version of the iPhone: the removal of the classic headphone audio jack.

With the next iPhone, most likely the 7, believed to be unveiled sometime in September, Wozniak is absolutely certain that taking the old-school 3.5mm audio jack for earphones out of the mobile phone’s body is a very bad idea, and is telling everyone who is listening just so. “That's going to tick off a lot of people" is the outcome he firmly believes in.

Secretive as always, Apple has taken great pains not to reveal anything about the iPhone 7 until its ready to be showcased. That hasn’t stopped rumors however, specifically that one that the phone’s body will be so much thinner than ever and will pack twin speakers at its bottom, both features feared to necessitate removing the audio jack. In its place, user will use a headset with a connector for the phone’s lightning port, or instead utilize Bluetooth to operate wireless headphones.

Further speculation has it that Apple will instead be designing a new headphone that would connect wirelessly to the iPhone aside from Bluetooth. Apple’s kept mum about it however. But that’s enough cause for alarm according to Wozniak, who does not share the current opinion that Bluetooth accessories offer superior sound quality and instead argues that the audio jack delivers better music fidelity.

“I would not use Bluetooth … I don’t like wireless,” he declared to the Australian Financial Review on Wednesday August 24. “I have cars where you can plug in the music, or go through Bluetooth, and Bluetooth just sounds so flat for the same music.”

Steve Wozniak was the one-man developer of the Apple I computer in 1976. He teamed up with Jobs and Red Holt to put together the Apple II, and later co-founded Apple Computers, now Apple Inc.

Having lived in a time when the audio jack was the cutting edge in sound tech, he certainly has a fond preference for what has worked a long time since. But he and everyone else might just have to wait until the next iPhone reveal in September to be sure, unless it gets leaked of course.

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