Thursday, August 25, 2016

CELEBRITY Support for ITALY Quake Victims

Last August 24, central Italy was rocked by a powerful earthquake that devastated towns in the mountainous region. Worst hit by the calamity was Amatrice, described by its mayor as no longer existing in the aftermath of the tremors, and whose survivors have been prohibited from spending the night due to safety concerns. At latest count, 247 have already been confirmed dead, over 300 wounded and a further thousand displaced by the destruction of their homes, according to the latest estimates gathered from Prime Minister Mateo Renzi’s office.

As news of the tragedy began going round the world, people are flabbergasted at the magnitude of damage to the Italian locales, and many of them took to social media to express love, support, and even outright declare concrete assistance to the stricken victims of the quake.

Leading the charge are several Hollywood celebrities on Twitter and Instagram, asking for prayers and thoughts on behalf of the dead, injured and homeless from the catastrophe, most especiallyin Amatrice. Hollywood Life lists such messages from the likes of Teresa Giudice (Prayers for the people of Italy who were effected by the horrible earthquake); Troian Belisario (Sending love to everyone who was hurt, lost their home, their lives and all the incredible responders who are dedicating theirs to helping. Ti amo Italia.); rocker Nikki Sixx ("Sad horrific news coming out of Italy after a massive earthquake hit them. Prayers for the beautiful people of the #ItalyEarthquake"; and Paula Abdul ("To the victims of the devastating #ItalyEarthquake their families friends & loved ones: my prayers are w/ (with) you & my heart is for you... I'm so grateful for the doctors, nurses, rescue workers, volunteers & ANYONE helping & being of service during this crisis.").

But the heaviest name to throw her hat into the earthquake is the Mother Monster diva Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, whose family is from Italy. She quickly took to Twitter upon learning of the events in Amatrice and the surrounding towns, expressing her sorrow and making a pledge to concrete aid the land of her ancestors. Part of the tweet read: “Praying for the people in Italy who are suffering from (the) earthquake. My family will make a donation to help repair these beautiful cities.” The tagged on a Italian flag emoji at the end of it.

Closer to home, chefs all over Italy are responding most fervently to the relief of Amatrice, home of the unique pasta dish, spaghetti all'Amatriciana. Over 600 restaurants across the country are putting the wrecked town’s specialty on their menus, with a pledge to donate about €2 from each sale of the dish to the Italian Red Cross for Amatrice’s relief. It was unfortunate that the quake happened when it did as Amatrice’s annual Spaghetti all'Amatriciana festival was supposed to have been held over the weekend.

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