Saturday, August 20, 2016

CAT Takes on Seven PIT BULLS and Survives, One Dog Scratched up

Pit bulls have a reputation, both good and bad. They find use as police dogs and – believe it or not – as lovable companions, on the one hand. On the other, they also get used for illegal dog fighting tournaments, in crime as muscle for drug operations, and as general purpose attack dogs feared for their alleged “locking jaws” that are all but difficult to remove once they bite down. That’s just a myth by the way. But the truth is, a pit bull is often seen as the canine badass, and seven pit bulls together can be a hornet’s nest of potential brutal violence.

That is until such a group of seven dogs ran into an elderly cat that wouldn’t back down even for them. What happened next could be said to have shattered the pit bull’s tough reputation.

The Huffington Post reports that on Monday August 15, in the Canadian province of British Columbia, four people were walking seven pit bulls along the public sidewalk of a residential area. Two of them are founders of the pit bull owners community group “Pit Bulls of Victoria BC”, Kyla Grover and Javiera Rodriguez, owner of one of the pit bulls in the pack, named Bandida.

When the group of owners and dogs came before the front lawn of Betty Jean Thompson’s home, an animal altercation broke out between the pit bulls and Thompson’s pet, an elderly 16-year old cat named Baby. Eyewitness sources do not agree on whose side started it.

In a Facebook post to Huffington regarding the incident, Kyla Grover was of the opinion that the dogs were minding their own business, and that Baby the cat attacked them without provocation. Thompson for her part asserted that one of the dogs, Bandida, crossed onto the lawn and approached Baby, whose protectiveness of Thompson and territorial attitude regarding the home she has lived in for 16 years spurred her to act against the intruder. And while Grover pegged the feline as being the hostile aggressor, the cat’s owner believes that her pet only reacted because there were so many canines in the area.

Regardless of who transgressed first, it was clear that the first damaging blow came from Baby, followed by multiple scratches that marked up Bandida’s face with a web of red wounds. The pit bull’s response of grabbing the folds of skin behind the cat’s neck only escalated the conflict.

In the end, Grover managed to separate the two animals, at the cost of Baby leaving marks on the back of her hand as well. The pit bull aficionado stresses how gentle Bandida and her pack-mates were about the whole situation, as they did not react more harshly against the cat attacking them. “Any one of the dogs could have killed the cat if they wanted to,” she said. “But they didn’t.”

While Grover’s scratches were not serious, Bambino racked up $222 in expenses at the vet for her injuries, for which Thompson generously footed the bill.

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