Monday, August 8, 2016

BACHELORETTE 12: JOJO Chooses JORDAN, but is it Good?

The finale of the 12 th go-round for “The Bachelorette” has come and gone. With the arresting yet insufferable JoJo Fletcher left to ultimately choose between Robby Hayes and former NFL quarterback jock Jordan Rodgers, the conclusion seemed to viewers as coming from a mile away in slow motion.

Indeed, after a heartfelt statement before an abrupt rejection, Hayes became the last bachelor dumped by the Bachelorette who then went on to Rodgers as “Mr. Fletcher”. Even better, Rodgers immediately got to one knee and turned the rose ceremony into a “proper” proposal, complete with an “unscripted” declaration of love (that audience would believe anything but) followed by JoJo’s overexcited acceptance.

Long story short, everybody knew it would play out like so, weeks before the fact. Twitter as usual was the go-to social media platform for viewers to vent their opinions following the Fletcher- Rodgers engagement. And they were not happy tweets.

A disappointed fan summed up what other critics of the latest Bachelorette thought about JoJo: a vapid woman who harps about looking for a nice guy but in reality is more drawn to men who are “sort of sociopaths related to Olivia Munn”. Munn played the character Psylocke in May’s “X-Men Apocalypse”. Another tweeter just called Fletcher ruthless in her discarding of the nice-guy bachelors she claimed to want in episodes past.

The newly-minted power couple got put to the test soon after the finale’s airing at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday evening of August 1. Entertainment Tonight reports that host Kimmel put them through a “Newlywed Game” involving them correctly guessing each other’s personal information. The resulting performance was uneven: a decent start, a hiccup in the middle when they were asked for each other’s favorite songs then naming one grandparent each, and finally what should have been a drama-inducing question on one another’s favorite sports team (Jordan and his Green bay Packer older brother Aaron have a public disagreement) was answered with a fizzle (Jordan guessed right on JoJo, JoJo “cheated” by naming Jordan’s university team). Even Rodgers considered it a “cop-out”.

Nobody’s quite sure where the two will go on from this point, or even if they will be going all the way to the altar, engagement aside. Only three Bachelorettes actually got to marry the bachelor they chose in the past 11 seasons the show has run.

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