Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Smart App for a Smart Life

I’ve been a user of Smart Communications for about a decade now, and I’d like to think I got a front row seat to the evolution of customer service for the Philippines’ best mobile communications and internet service provider. That meant seeing the transition from mailed paper monthly bills, to electronic billing, to online services accessible on computers, and ultimately on cellphones themselves by way of mobile apps. Through it all, Smart has made sure to not just keep pace but be at the forefront of every brand new change. That change is now embodied in the latest version of the MySmart account management app, for both Android and iOS.

Regarding the Android version of MySmart that I’m currently using, I’ve got nothing but the highest praise for it. It got winning marks on the visual presentation alone, using a color scheme of the latest Smart corporate logo, with its white and blue text and green headers against the gray background. There’s also the convenience of the multiple login options, with your choice of Facebook, Google+ or MySmart account.

Once registered and logged in you can enter your Smart SIM’s cell number or multiple Smart numbers if you’ve got one for every device in your mobile arsenal. Information on each number is then presented in a concise way and with readable font. From there you get menu options to select call and internet packages, free website surfing options, perks to get through loyalty points, and access a wide array of account services from bill payments to PUK retrieval. The app also has an in-house messaging system for online communication and notifications from Smart.

Kudos to Smart’s app developers for putting together such a smart package for managing your phone and mobile accounts, if you’ll pardon the pun. It’s definitely worthy of the company name, and put together in such a way that new additions can be slotted into the interface in an organic manner. I can’t wait to see what will come next on this excellent app.