Saturday, July 30, 2016


Nowadays you would be (figuratively) living under a rock if you have no idea what a Durian is. To Southeast Asia and its nearby environs, it needs no introduction. To westerners, you may have seen or heard of it from travel shows or reality TV. Really, durian is part of world trivia by now. And the barest minimum knowledge everyone outside Asia has of the so-named “King of Fruits” is that it (might) taste really nice, but (definitely) smell really awful. Descriptions of its infamous odors range from gym socks to turpentine to raw sewage, and even in its native Asia they tend to get banned from some public places. Suffice to say a durian in the west is an acquired taste (and smell).

Well, prepare to have your minds blown as a Thai condom manufacturing firm has recently crossed into weird, near-Ripley’s territory by producing a line of durian-flavored condoms. You read right, there are now little foil packs of rubbers going around Southeast Asia with the indescribably tasty flavor and incredibly smelly scent. But take heart; according to Asian Correspondent, the condoms are primarily targeted at the Asian market by the unnamed rubber company, where they are – believe it or not – expected to be the new craze for Asians in bed. Yeah, it’s the weird corner of the news again.

At present the Bangkok-based condom manufacturer is churning out a yearly production of 2 billion rubber packets. However the opening of a new factory will see the numbers inflate to 5 billion. Even if only a portion of those condoms will be durian-flavored, it’s still quite a lot.

Mind you, that brave (or enterprising) Thai company is not the first in Southeast Asia to go durian for rubbers. Malaysian firm Karex has been rolling out their own smellies ever since 2013, and they come in colorful packaging to boot. They also have Piña Colada flavor.

While durian rubbers will likely get shunned in America, that Colada condom might just have it to be the new quirky fetish. Maybe.

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