Monday, July 18, 2016

TAYLOR SWIFT Tops FORBES Highly Paid Celebs of 2016

As it turns out, fans and busybodies have been focusing too much on Taylor Swift and his love life play out that they have completely tuned out what else she has been doing, and how well she’s doing at it. It wasn’t until top business magazine Forbes pointed out in the latest edition of their Celebrity 100 highest-paid list for 2016 that the singer-songwriter has been making oodles of dough right under everybody’s drama-watching noses.

Forbes reports that from her $80 million worth in earnings last 2015, Swift had more than doubled that value for this year, cementing her number one spot at the Celebrity 100 with a staggering $170 million. To quote the magazine, "She smashed the Rolling Stones' North American touring record, grossing $200 million on the continent en route to quarter of a billion dollars in total. She also pads her pocketbook by shilling for brands including Diet Coke, Keds and Apple."

Much of her earnings came from her extensive and highly successful “1989” World Tour, and currently stands as the highest total take of her illustrious career thus far. While Swift’s achievement this year is impressive enough however, her lead spot performance couldn’t hold a candle to 2015’s number one celebrity top earner, boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather, and his $300 million haul after his defensive-style victory over long-time boxing idol rival Manny Pacquiao. If it’s any comfort though, Taylor’s $170 million is a far sight more than what was banked by the highest-paid musician from last year, Katy Perry and her $135 million.

Speaking of her love life however, it should be noted that Taylor quite obviously made more money this year than her superstar DJ/producer ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, who made Forbes’ list at number 21 with $63 million, roughly a third of Swift’s. In hindsight, were it not for their breakup the two would have been 2016’ Top Celebrity Power Couple, whose combined earnings ($233 million) would have been more than twice that of 2015’s Beyonce and Jay-Z tandem.

Rounding out the top ten of the 2016 Forbes Celebrity 100 in descending order are: One Direction (boy band, $110 million); 3) James Patterson (author, $95 million); Dr. Phil McGraw (talk show host, $88 million); Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese footballer, $88 million); Kevin Hart (comedian, $87.5 million); Howard Stern (radio personality, $85 million); Lionel Messi (Argentine footballer, $81.5 million);

Adele (singer $80.5 million); and finally Rush Limbaugh (commentator, $79 million).

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