Monday, July 18, 2016

“SUITS” SEASON 6 Opens Up With Class Suits And Vengeful Prison Bully

The long anticipated sixth season of the legal dramedy “Suits” finally graced TV screens this Wednesday July 13, and those who have been following the events right to the downer ending of season 5 are pretty much sure that things are only going to get rougher from here on out. With Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) gone to prison after being found guilty of 2 years’ (and 5 TV seasons’) worth of pretending to be a lawyer, both his accomplice Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and girlfriend paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) must try to keep their firm’s remaining partners and staff together after the personnel migration in the wake of Mike’s trial.

So without further ado, the premiere kicks off right with Mike’s first day at Federal Correctional. He rather naively hits it off with an inmate he believes to be his cell roomie, Frank (Paul Schulze). Outside, Harvey and Rachel reminisce morosely about the loss of a partner and husband respectively.But they can’t booze over it indefinitely.

With word out regarding Mike and Harvey’s charlatanism, the Pearson Specter Litt firm gets slapped with a $100 million class suit concerning every single case that Mike has been involved in. A blowup between Harvey and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffmann) almost sinks the whole thing then and there, but when the third partner Jessica Pearson gives the reminder that Mike took a solo fall for the firm’s sake, all three partners manage to get together again by getting stoned. They even decide to funnel back their personal cash to keep the firm running even on a skeleton crew, but another problem crops up when their computers get hacked by unknown parties to retrieve a bunch of files on their clients.

Back in the pen, Mike realizes he may have done goofed after borrowing Frank’s cell phone to call Rachel. His new buddy quickly drops a façade, revealing that he has a beef against Harvey who landed him behind bars. With Rachel’s number on his phone, Frank implies a little psy-war operation against the people around Harvey: Rachel out there and Mike within. He even drops the bomb that he
knew Mike coming in ahead of time, and posed as his cellmate to fish for information as ammunition. He does this with the help of a crooked prison guard who only sees Mike as meat to tenderize. Now that’s some sinister genius.

So the latest season of “Suits” certainly doesn’t disappoint in pushing the story along, and with little to no time-skip too. The “heroes” are besieged on two fronts, with a hefty case against the firm and a prisoner with a vendetta and a cold calculating nature. Hints abound that Mike and Rachel’s relationship will only deteriorate further here, and the possibility of Frank exploiting her number to make her and Mike’s lives miserable to get back at Harvey seems the perfect instrument to drive Rachel possibly into the arms of another. We’ll just have to see.

As for how long Mike’s gonna be cooped up, the season has been project by show-runner Aaron Korsh to be only eight episodes long. While he probably won’t be getting out any time soon, Korsh assures audiences that Mike’s not stuck in prison for the rest of the series. That’s good, there’s no ripping off of “Prison Break” then.

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