Saturday, July 30, 2016

“SUITS” SEASON 6 Hype Rising As July 13 Premiere Date Approaches


It’s getting real close now to July 13 and the premiere of the sixth season of the highly- nominated legal dramedy TV series “Suits” on the USA Network, and viewers are eager to get into the meat of the narrative left hanging from season 5 that saw genius fake lawyer Mike Ross, played Patrick J. Adams, getting thrown in prison after being exposed, while his partner Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) find himself trying to run a law firm utterly gutted of employees.

TV Guide has gotten the lowdown on an advanced viewing of the first episode, which sees Mike adjusting to life in jail, getting to know his new cellmate better and seemingly picking up on Harvey’s habit of dropping lines from a multitude of movies. But not all is seemingly alright in that picture. On the morning of his second day behind bars, Mike gets the inkling that someone is out to get him, and not only him, but everyone else he has worked with before. But is the threat real? Or is it, to the eyes of the viewing audience, the onset to Mike suffering a curse known to befall singularly brilliant geniuses: the creeping loss of sanity?

According to an article on the International Business Times, imprisoning Mike was deemed necessary by “Suits” show runners, a story element supported by Adams who believes his character’s incarceration storyline will boost viewership of the series on season 6, as it would be the culmination of the past five season’s worth of buildup for all the characters involved in Mike’s lawyer sham to face the consequences of their great white lie. This shakeup of the status quo to Adams will grab everyone’s attention while still retaining the core of the series overall plot.

On how long Mike is staying in the big house, Adams has been coy in answers. Meanwhile, life has to go one for Mike’s circle of friends and his almost wife. A past report by the Parent Herald has predicted the eventual breakdown of the loving relationship between Mike and Rachel Zane (Megan Markle) due to his incarceration, with Rachel herself eventually finding new love with a new associate from work.

While many questions and rumors still circle about like sharks in the water concerning what “Suits” season 6 will bring, it’s definitely certain that the mystery will soon start to unravel when it finally premieres on July 13.

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