Thursday, July 21, 2016

RUNAWAY TRUCK KILLS DOZENS IN NICE During Bastille Day Celebrations

Terror has struck the world anew, as a runaway large and heavy truck plowed through a group of people celebrating France’s Bastille Day in Nice. The attack inflicted over a hundred casualties in total before the driver was gunned down by police, leaving behind scenes of gore and grief immortalized in videos now streaming online.

Multiple media sources including The Guardian covered the horrific tragedy’s aftermath, filling in the blanks of what actually happened from eyewitness accounts and video footage. The rampaging vehicle ended up killing 84 Bastille Day revelers and seriously wounded 18 more. Several of the victims were also children, in what could only have been a planned terror attack during a national holiday in France, which is still reeling from a series of attack in its capital Paris the year before.

The attack itself took place during the evening festivities of Bastille Day on July 14 along the French port city’s Promenade de Anglais, where a truck suddenly swerved off the road and into the celebrating crowd at 50km an hour, deliberately zigzagging in its path to run over as many people as it could for a 2-kilometer stretch, the shocking events of which provided graphic camera footage documenting the violent turn of events. Panicked civilians tried to flee the wildly weaving vehicle even as anti-riot police arrived at the scene. Adding to the damage being inflicted by the truck’s massive wheels was the driver himself shooting at the dispersing crowd until finally being gunned down by local authorities.

While the identity of the assailant driver has not yet been verified other than being a known
 to local police, though not for criminal or terror-related causes, local media in Nice have reported that he may have been a 31-year old Nice resident with dual citizenship for both France and Tunisia, according to identification found in the trucks cab. More unconfirmed and conflicting reports have it that the truck used in the attack was carrying more heavy assault weapons and several grenades aside from the firearm used by the suspect, or that these same extra armaments were fake. Meanwhile, no group has yet to claim responsibility for the deaths.

As expected, the outpouring of grief and condolences from throughout France and all over the world have been overwhelming. Twitter as usual was abounding in tributes and memorials. Hospitals in Nice have been appealing for additional blood donations for the injured survivors, many of them children. The French government was also in mourning and speaking of the country’s resolve, with President Francois Hollande describing the attack as monstrous but that the country would always be stronger than anyone who attacks it. Prime Minister Manuel Valls spoke of France’s immense pain due to the attack, while Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve opines that they are in a state of war with terror.

The last viewpoint was shared by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was open to declaring war against ISIS, the big terror group of the moment, while his opposite number in the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, urged less military response and more caution through intensified intelligence gathering.

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