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In 1992, future big-name animator Craig McCracken developed a short animation while studying in the California Institute for the Arts called “Whoop-ass Stew”, about three little girls with super powers fighting crime and the forces of evil. From 1995 to 1996, following a name change, the characters were featured in Cartoon Network’s “What a Cartoon!” showcase. In 1998 it gained a quirky quick backstory and became a full “Cartoon Cartoon” animated series for CN that lasted until 2005 with a total of 78b episodes and plenty of television accolades. As if it couldn’t get any more obvious, these are the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup who are also known as “The Powerpuff Girls”.

Then on 2016 – 18 years after its original full TV debut – a re-launch of the original series was debuted by Cartoon Network that began last April (after announcing it as far back as 2014). With 22 episodes down in a planned 40-episode season, in addition to four internet shorts and a TV special that crossed over with “Teen Titans Go!” things seem set for a possible new season to carry the new series forward. And lo and behold, The Hollywood Reporter has cottoned into a formal announcement of Season 2 for the Emmy-nominated “PPG2016” at the San Diego Comic Con this week.

Cartoon Network chief content officer Rob Sorcher congratulated the show’s creative teams in a statement, saying that directors Nick Jennings and Bob Boyle have “super-powered” the reboot of one of the network’s trademark properties with “just the right amount of Chemical X” to bring out a show that has captured the hearts and imaginations of a new generation of Powerpuff fans.

This however is seen as an over-generous gesture by Cartoon Network in the eyes of long-time fans and critics of the reboot, who consider the original Craig McCracken-supervised series to be a superior show (it won two Primetime Emmys) as well as lambasting the recast voices for the three main characters, something the original VA’s also lamented.

Still, for the new fans won on over by the reboot and old supporters who remained all the way, they’ll be able to enjoy CN’s booth at SDCC with its Townsville-inspired design. Visitors can also avail of their personal dose of “sugar, spice and everything nice plus Chemical X” with the available merchandise, such as tote bags and shirts that can be personalized at the booth with custom Powerpuff avatars.

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