Tuesday, July 19, 2016

“POKÉMON GO”:More Users Than TWITTER, More Time Spent On FB

It’s getting as if there’s one news-worthy item concerning the smash hit Nintendo mobile app “Pokémon Go” popping up every single day. We know how it had boosted the Japanese game-maker’s shares an impressive amount since its July 6 release; we know how everybody’s been hooked by it, from the military to politicians; and we know it’s been searched on the net a lot more times these days than porn itself, a fact acknowledged by one porn streaming website. But never one to rest on its relatively fresh laurels, the number one app to have on iPhones and Android devices has swept up a new batch of accolades and records as it starts its second week of pop culture domination.

This just in: “Pokémon Go” now has more registered users than social networking site Twitter. You read this right. TechCrunch has broken the news by way of SimilarWeb that as of Monday June 11, the epically viral app has Twitter beat in terms of daily active users, and 5.92% of Android users in America are busying themselves to be “The Very Best” Pokémon Master. An earlier report from the same sources had “Go” trouncing Tinder, a dating app that also had its time in the viral spotlight, in terms of android device installations as early as July 10.

Mobile gaming has had its share of all-consuming killer apps before; recent years have seen the rise of such titles as “Clash of Clans”/”Clash Royale”, “Minecraft”, “Slither” and the (former) politician’s app of choice “Candy Crush”, nothing has ever come quite close to the phenomenon that “Pokémon Go” is creating in the world right now. Online statistics blog SurveyMonkey would have it on their authority that the Nintendo-Niantic collaboration app has become undoubtedly the biggest mobile game in history in terms of daily peak active users. To wit, that’s close to 21 million players in the US alone, surpassing the old record by “Candy Crush Saga” from 2013. The next apps to get trumped any day now by “Pokémon Go” on Android are Snapchat and Google Maps. Imagine that.

We were discussing the number of daily active users, but another measure of success that “Pokémon Go” is leading the way is in how much time users actually spend with the app on, playing the game or otherwise. App store research outfit SensorTower has discovered a milestone concerning the augmented reality gaming app and Facebook, the social network king. While “Pokémon Go” has yet to get anywhere near FB’s 1.51 billion reported active users, it has proven so darn addictive that people tend to spend more time playing the game on than the time they might spend posting, reading posts, and gaming on Facebook. To compare, the average FB “work” time a day is 22 minutes 8 seconds; “Pokémon Go” players, if their devices can last that long, would be “catching ‘em all” for an average 33 minutes 25 seconds straight daily.

It only goes to show how the developers have hit the perfect recipe of excellent gaming mechanics, augmented reality tech, and a juggernaut franchise like “Pokémon” to go with it. 

We close off this latest report on the “Pokémon Go” craze with a human-related snippet on Twitter. There was a player who once had a younger brother who was a big fan of the Pokémon PikachuWith his cell running the app, he thought of visiting his brother’s grave. Lo and behold, standing right on top of the grave through his camera view: a Pikachu. Feels are to be had.

Photo Credit to www.techwebies.com


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