Sunday, July 24, 2016

NINTENDO Mobile App “POKEMON GO” Sends Company Shares Into Orbit

It’s quite amazing to see just how many want to be “The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was”. Fans of the long-running Japanese Pokémon franchise and mobile gamers who just want to try the latest fad are swamping online App Stores to download the Nintendo Company’s very first true mobile app game, also spurring a large-scale jump in shares for the legendary videogame company.

CNBC reports that on the Friday release of the eagerly awaited “Pokémon Go” in the US, Australia and New Zealand, the game quickly hit #1 on The Apple Store’s “Top Grossing” and “Free” charts. This translated into a 25% jump in stock shares for Nintendo, seemingly vindicating consumers and company investors’ insistence that the game-maker finally throw its hat into the lucrative mobile gaming market, despite its initial resistance in order to keep its well-known franchises to game consoles. Reports such as that of Reuters stating that the company gained $7.5 in its market value in two trading sessions – the first due to “Pokémon Go’s” strong US performance and the second being in anticipation for its impending launch in its home in Japan – may be slowly changing Nintendo’s mind.

The irony of the whole thing, according to IGN, is that Nintendo itself had almost nothing to do with the mobile app’s development unlike the original portable and console game titles. Rather, the Pokémon Company teamed up with mobile game developer Niantic to create the “augment reality” game (with Nintendo having stakes in both). “Pokémon Go” players, represented in the app by an avatar, travel around the real world guided by the app in order to find and catch Pokémon, which reside in specific areas according to their species and appear on the app screen as if interacting with the real environment. This has led to some hilarious screenshots such as an Ekans sitting on a baby stool at a fast-food restaurant, a Bulbasaur in a toilet, and a Pidgey in a nightclub. On that line of though, “Pokémon Go” has apparently replaced Brexit as temporarily overtaking “Porn” on search trends at Google.

Despite some programming hiccups and crashing servers owing to the immense online traffic through the app, reviewers were apparently all praises for the game and are confident that the network issues will quickly be resolved. The app itself is free to play, but like most other online games has the option for in-app purchases with real money in order to buy premium power-up items.

Safety concerns have also arisen due to the app interface necessitating players to view their surroundings through the game’s video footage (where the Pokémon appear relative to the real world environment). Such a distracting action has caused accidents such as US players tripping and falling, and unfortunately has set them up to be easy victims of armed robbery like in O’Fallon, Missouri. Still, this doesn’t seem to be dissuading gamers anytime soon from the overwhelming need to “Gotta Catch ‘Em All

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