Saturday, July 30, 2016

“HTGAWM” SEASON 3 Premiere Date Set, More Info Released

After around three months of uncertainty since the March 17 finale of “How to Get Away with Murder” season 2, there finally comes some light at the end of the tunnel as regards to when exactly ABC is finally going to release the third season this year, other than the general timeframe of “fall”Thanks to actress Viola “Annalise Keating” Davis making the announcement on her Facebook, fans of the drama series can now mark their calendars for September 22.

Movie News Guide reports that filming for season 3 will commence next month of July, and show-runner Peter Nowalk had a few things to hint at on what viewers might expect to see when the story carries on where it left off. One major piece of info he shared is that they were going to change up the narrative format, as he felt that the ending stretch of season 2 was all tied up to the overarching story thread regarding the Hapstall case and the mystery linking Annalise to Rose, the mother of her intern Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch). For season 3 the series creators would have the Keating law firm take on a case-of- the-week to give more freedom from the main plot.

Further details that MNG has scrounged up on “HTGAWM”s next season reveal that even after the crises that have been messing up her life throughout the series,  will continue to practice her profession. On the subject of plot threads from the previous season, Entertainment Weekly discovered as it turns out that Annalise’s employee Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) left her employ after she found out how he was involved in her miscarriage from 10 years before the start of the series; he had skipped town as a means to mend fences with Annalise, and despite his departure his character will remain a regular for the 3 rd season.

One can’t also forget the explosive final scene of season 2 when Wes meets his long-unseen father for the first time only to lose him to an assassin’s bullet. Yes he’s dead, Jim. Nowalk would tell Variety that it could be a toss-up if the killer’s identity will be shown in the season premier or if they would keep it a question mark for the characters and the audience to mull over until later on. He claims it’s because the murder of Wallace Gibbins is a complicated story.

“How to get Away with Murder” resumes at season three on September 22, 2016 at 10 PM EDT/PDT on the USA Network.

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