Friday, July 1, 2016

Hanuman World; an Eco-Tourism Park opens in Phuket Town

Opening just last March 2016 in the woods due west of Phuket Town, Hanuman World is the latest Eco-Tourism Park to make a splash and draw in tourists and nature-loving adventurers. In just a short period of operation it has already secured the reputation of being the top rated rainforest experience in Southeast Asia, going a long way to show that Phuket island in Thailand is far more than simply white sand beaches and idyllic tropical seaside resorts. On the hillsides of Phuket high up on the treetops, Hanuman World aims to show nature and wildlife in an exciting yet safe way.

The park takes its name from the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, a prominent figure in the Hindu myth epic, the Ramayana. He is also venerated in Thailand, thus Hanuman World invites visitors to sample its high-flying attractions that they may experience zipping through the air a treetop level just as Hanuman was reputed to do in the legends.

Those going to the Hanuman World can thus make like its divine monkey namesake in several ways. You start your journey at the reception building where you can purchase what adventure package you would like for your treetop trip. The reception center also has a restaurant for patrons, although it would be best to leave filling your belly until after you’ve gone through the rest of Hanuman World.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend – as cheap as 2,300 baht or up to 3,490 baht a head – you will be able to access all or only part of the extensive high altitude complex of jungle platforms, elevated walkways, staircases, rappel points, and of course zip lines – including the unique “roller zip line”.

For a more sedate and relaxing journey, you can go through the jungle area via a sky walk – one of three total – where you can go at your own pace and observe the forest canopy and its resident wildlife without missing a detail. The sky walk leads to a large tree platform with a bouncy sun bed and juice bar, one of 28 in the park with attractions such as spiraling stairways, abseil points for rappelling, and jump-off points for zip lines. Each platform, in fact every artificial structure has been carefully constructed as to not do any damage to the trees they are built into, in keeping with the spirit of Hanuman World as a true Eco park. In fact, local residents continue to live on the hillside , harvesting the rubber trees in Hanuman World as they have always done.

More extreme sport enthusiasts can then opt to try out rappelling from the treetops to the ground, or going for the zip lines, a multitude of which interconnect the Hanuman World’s jungle platforms. The most prominent of these is the so-called roller zip line, which includes scream-inducing twists and turns like that you would expect in an overhang roller coaster. This is the park’s top attraction, inviting brave souls to zip along at high speed with incredible zooming views of the forest below and even Phuket Town in the distance, the entire time spent suspended and moving at high speed clocking up to two hours.

Just as Hanuman World cares a great deal about maintaining nature as is in their park premises, so too is their attention to safety for their guests. The steel cables used for the zip line are rated to carry multiple tons of force, far beyond the combined weight of its possible passengers, and are routinely checked before every use for signs of wear. Safety equipment for each guest on the treetops is guaranteed of high quality European make. You are always equipped with a safety helmet and full harness, and at all times guests are connected to each other and the park guides on hand to be certain that you never fall off the platforms or zip lines.

And just as well, all guides working at Hanuman World are experienced and highly trained professionals specializing in high-altitude extreme outdoor activities. Safety is always paramount that even a tour group composed of only one guest will have a minimum of two park guides. Trips on every zip line involves one of the guides going first to wait at the destination platform while his partner helps the visitors across, with the guest on the zip line always between them. In case of a mishap on the trip the guide will get you out and make the whole thing enjoyable and fun. Once you’ve gone through everything the treetops have to offer, you can now kick back and enjoy delicious Thai meals at the quaintly designed Restaurant back where you came in.

Hanuman World is just of the path at Rural Road 4010 out of Phuket Town, and is open 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. So when in Phuket, take some time off to see for yourself how nature is awesome, and experience the next best thing in following the footsteps of Hanuman where myths come true.

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