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Surely any fan of the Harry Potter franchise could remember from the books and the movies how a goodly amount of attention and detail was placed in scenes at Hogwarts when Harry, his friends and the student body were eating meals at the Great Hall, especially in the films. There probably some who would’ve even tried to imagine what it would be like to break one’s fast in modern fiction’s most famous magic school. Wonder no more.

Major HP site Pottermore breaks the big news that for a limited period, from August 21 to 28, visitors to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London are going to get a special treat: the grand opportunity to sit upon a Hogwarts Great Hall table and indulge themselves in the usual student wizard’s breakfast. They’ll be served bowls of popular wizard cereal brands Cherri Owls and Pixie Puffs, alongside non-magical but still delicious fare like oak-smoked bacon with tomato chutney, hash browns, ham croissants, sausages, fruit kebabs in maple syrup and Greek yogurt.

Even better, other Hogwarts “students” fully attired in wizard robes will be hanging around the Great Hall, all ready and willing to be called over for complimentary snapshots during the guests’ hearty meal. And who wouldn’t be eating one’s fill when the Great Hall is appropriately decorated like they were in the films, with the floating (fiber-optic) candlesticks and all. Diners could easily half-expect owls swooping down with the morning mail, or not.

And once the visitors have had their fill, they’ll be able to proceed with the rest of the guided tour, through famous locations in the story, all of them the actual sets from the films with a little behind-the- scenes peek at how JK Rowling’s books were converted for the silver screen all those years ago. Highlights include the Weasley kitchen in their home at the Burrow, the Gryffindor Common RoomHeadmaster Dumbledore’s office, and the piece de resistance quite naturally being Platform 9¾ from with the real Hogwarts Express train at dock.

This event is the latest new attraction for the long running WB Studio Tour, and it joins another ongoing special event celebrating the 15 th anniversary of the first Potter flick, “The Philosopher’s Stone” (or “Sorcerer’s Stone” in the US). Here visitors can get to go up close and personal with the props and film magic of the original movie, from moving (animatronic) Wizard’s Snare vines to the self-moving life- sized Wizard’s Chess set all from the climactic scenes.

Finally, there’s also the newly opened set for Harry’s miserable childhood home at #4 Privet Drive, and a quick stop at Diagon Alley too, before the tour leads guests back to the lobby where they can avail of a complimentary guidebook to remember their walkabout by.

While you’re definitely excited just reading, you’ll have to hold your horses. This is genuine cinematic Harry Potter you’ll be experiencing and therefore you’ll have to buy tickets for it. So if you want to get a bite out of “Breakfast at Hogwarts”, tickets are now for sale since July 6 at $123 for adults. Again it’s on from August 21 to 28. The other event, “Seeking the Philosopher’s Stone”, has its own set of tickets still on sale, and will be available from July 22 to September 5. Don’t forget, it’s all limited time only.

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