Monday, July 25, 2016

DC-KFC ADVERTORIAL DIGI-COMIC a reader hit, makes COLONEL SANDERS a real hero.

Believe it or not, it may as well be official: Kentucky Fried Chicken’s late and venerable founder, Colonel (Harland David) Sanders, is now a bona fide DC superhero. There’s no more contesting this claim after the June 5 digital release of “KFC: The Colonel Corps”, a DC-KFC advertorial collaboration that for some unfathomable reason, really kicks so much comic book booty than a funny-book promoting a global fast food chain should have any right to be.

For the curious, this is the second promotional team-up between DC and KFC to advertise their finger-lickin’ good fare. As Comics Alliance puts it, last year there was DC’s “The Colonel of Two Worlds”a one-shot storyline wherein the good Colonel, explained in-universe as having returned to life in order to “Re-Colonel- ize” his massive international fast food empire, got to work together with The Flash in order to battle and foil the mad plans of Colonel Sunder, a super-villain version of Sanders from the parallel universe of Earth-3. So now “KFC: The Colonel Corps” is a direct story sequel, and it sees our white-haired white-garbed Kentucky Fried hero in the midst of a new crisis that has engulfed the DC multiverse: he has forgotten all but one of the 11 secret herbs and spices for his Original Recipe fried chicken!

Luckily another – female – Colonel from another dimension (Earth-11 to be exact) appears to explain things. She too can only remember one of the secret ingredients, but hers is one that our Earth-Prime Sanders has forgotten. So the two Colonels with the aid of Earth-11’s Flash traverse the multiverse to assemble a motley crew of otherworldly Colonels to complete the Original Recipe once more. These alternates run the wide spectrum of weirdness, from the Kryptonian Koln-El, Detective-Colonel “Hardcase” Sanders of the Gotham Police, a baby-faced Colonel from the world of “Teen Titans GO!”, and even a mutant chicken Sanders which is just completely off the wall.

With eleven of these multiverse Sanders gathered as one “Colonel Corps”, a final showdown is in the offing against the culprit Colonel Sunder and his new partner in crime, Colonel Grodd. No, I’m not kidding. I’ll say nothing more, but I suppose the eventual outcome ought to be obvious.

That said, this comic-book- sized ad for KFC is winning some unbelievable popular praise, from Comic Book Resources to to Newsrama and so on, the zany adventures of a team of deep-fried Sanderses is just too awesome to ignore.

“KFC: The Colonel Corps” can be downloaded free from Comixology via Amazon. And if it will be anything like “The Colonel of Two Worlds”, expect DC to hand out some printed editions at the next San Diego Comic-Con.

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