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HOME SEC THERESA May Set To Become Next UK Prime Minister

It must have been a bizarre time lately in the United Kingdom and with Prime Minister David Cameron in particular. Having set up the UK European Union membership referendum on 2016 to fulfill his promise of holding one for the country after the Conservative Party won the 2015 general elections,he probably never could have imagined that said referendum would result in the narrow victory of the“Brexit” agenda espoused by the UK Independence Party, something he had been working his hardest to avoid. In the wake of the uncertainty post-Brexit win, Cameron had announced his plan to resign as prime minister in September. This week it turns out he was not even going to get to stay that long.

Official word has come as covered by The Daily Mail that Dave Cameron is set to vacate his post and his official address at 10 Downing Street effective tomorrow Wednesday at July 13. This is a full nine weeks short of his originally planned exit on September 9, spurred on after elections for the new Conservative Party leadership fizzled out with Home Minister Theresa May being declared winner by default. Her only serious opposition had been Minister of State for Energy Andrea Leadsom, who eventually bowed out of the running.

With a new leader for the “Tories” and thus PM, it looks like Cameron won’t even have the opportunity to go on a tentative “farewell tour” for his last days in office, with proposed visits to Africa and the G20 Summit in China, where he would have made a grand swansong to his fellow heads of government. Instead he and his wife Samantha, and kids Nancy, Arthur and Florence would have a day or so left to clear their belongings from the PM Residence to make way for PM Designate May and her husband Philip; they are as yet childless.

Cameron made the official announcement in front of 10 Downing the afternoon of Monday July 11, after which he had some positive things to say about her successor, describing Theresa May as both strong and competent. At the end of his speech the PM’s lapel microphone picked up a portion of a little ditty he was humming as he returned inside Number 10.

He is expected to head up his very last Cabinet meeting on Tuesday July 12, and then bid a formal farewell to the House of Commons the day after. With the British Constitution allowing for handover of powers in record time, Cameron will then journey to Buckingham Palace to present his resignation letter to the Queen. Sometime after he has left, PM May will then present herself to HRM with a formal announcement of forming a new government.

Theresa May, the second female Prime Minister of the UK after “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher, is expected to busy herself for the remainder of the week in building that same government by offering Cabinet posts to her close Tory allies and top figures of the Brexit cause. While she herself had some skepticism over the country’s EU’s membership’s true value, she ultimately voted to Remain in the referendum.

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