Sunday, July 24, 2016


Major American aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co. has achieved a masterstroke in its production, having entered into negotiations with two major European carriers for a combined order of passenger planes totaling up to $3.5 million at list prices, as confidential sources in the know with the company’s plans told Bloomberg this Monday, June 11.

According to the report, Air Europa Lineas Aereas of Spain is in the market to buy 20 Boeing 737 jets, valued together at about $2.2 billion. Meanwhile, tour operator TUI AG from Germany seems about ready to commit up to 10 solid orders of the same, in addition to purchasing one more 787 Dreamliner for their air fleet, for a tidy total of some $1.3 billion. With all orders being done from list prices, both airlines have been able to wrangle discounts from Boeing, as is typical practice.

Air Europa is one of the world’s airlines making use of the youngest fleet of planes according to its official website, with the average operating of around four years for its aircraft. TUI AG is Europe’s largest operator for air tours. With global tensions rising due to the recent unrelenting wave of terrorist attacks, the company has taken advantage of international travelers, who have decided to join organized vacation trips for safety, in order to invest and expand its business for mass tourism. adds that the deals are set to be announced to the general public this week, during the bi-annual Farnborough International Airshow in London, a plum opportunity for corporations in the aerospace and defense sectors to be able to reach out to a large number of potential customers and regular buyers. Despite the massive orders from Boeing however, analysts predict that it and main competing manufacturer Airbus Group SE will not really be rolling in multi-billion dollar deals for the rest of the year, as neither have introduced any new aircraft models lately, and worldwide economic doubts in the face of multiple factors such as Brexit.

Boeing has made a killing over order for the latest MAX variant of its long-serving 737 line. The 737 MAX, with brand new engines and wing design, has made itself the plane-maker’s largest source of profit yet, with a total of 256 orders all over the world, and a hit for air carriers covering much shorter routes. It is expected to debut with airlines sometime next year.

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