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“BACHELORETTE” SEASON 12’S JOJO Still Searching By Week 4/5

It’s been 5 weeks in the lives of the twelfth “Bachelorette” and her ever dwindling reverse harem – and 6 weeks of broadcast episodes on ABC. As the weeks count down until the July 26 finale, a picture becomes increasingly clears as to what type of guy Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher (of “The Bachelor” season 20 fame) would not only enjoy spending time with, but also be able to proclaim feelings of love to and imagine living with for the rest of their lives together, or at least that’s how things would ideally go without the random uncertainty of real life.

The latest episode saw JoJo and her eight remaining boys going to Buenos Aires in Argentina, after spending time in Uruguay during TV episode 5 (Week 4 Part 2). chronicles the events as they went. There was the initial one-one- one date where JoJo and Wells Adams explored the city with all the wholesomeness of school kids, not kissing every so often as they meander through a market and watch the Fureza Bruta theatre show. When Wells finally decided to land a big fat one on JoJo’s kisser, she actually congratulated him out loud, a weird reaction for female viewers.

During the dinner date Wells regaled JoJo with the tale of his first relationship that simply simmered down into a platonic friendship. Unfortunately his utterly clean-cut and “normal” look and demeanor didn’t at all click for the Bachelorette who withheld the rose and sent Wells home, as The Huffington Post sordidly reports. Her emotional farewell stating how Wells was great guy but not the sort she wants to spend her life with finally seems to set in stone her choice in guys: not the sensitive modern man but the all-American jock at best and the douchebag at worst.

Next, JoJo’s group date with Luke Pell, Robby Hayes, pro-footballer Jordan Rodgers, James Taylor, and Alex Wotykiw had them taking on a youth street soccer team. James wins a chance to kiss JoJo, taking advantage of an opportunity to tell her of some unsportsmanlike conduct from Jordan in a past poker game. Unfortunately JoJo’s jerk fixation has her taking Jordan’s side later on, while Luke got the group date rose after she spent more time with him during the whole thing.

Finally, the two-on- one date with Chase McNary and Derek Peth had them and JoJo getting tango lessons. Video editing had Derek being supremely confident in the outcome, which by “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” conventions meant that he gets no rose in the end. The loss sends Derek into such a spiral of despair that he spent his return trip to the airport asking himself why he’s crying. All as “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” plays over with alternating scenes with JoJo and Chase. The following rose ceremony saw no one else eliminated.

Viewers of this season and writers of articles concerning this episode all had very pointed questions online regarding JoJo’s preferences and even her thought processes. Many see her as being somewhat broken as a person, citing how JoJo herself has asked the same question they are asking: how does an attractive person like her single? With her rather convoluted musings on romance, that question could well be one for the ages, or at least until further episodes air in the following weeks.

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