Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wolverine 3: One Last Time

There is still a long way to go before we even start seeing teasers or trailers on cinemas of the third “Wolverine” "Wolverine III" 'Wolverine 3: Weapon X' solo movie from 20th Century Fox. But that doesn’t stop massive movie fan and comic geek communities from speculating away as to what filmgoers could possibly expect when the finished product tentatively hits theaters March next year. 

And really, such early hype is only understandable with the news that this would be the very last time that the iconic and extremely popular Marvel Comics mutant anti-hero will be portrayed by his (thus far) only ever live-action actor –Australian superstar Hugh Jackman – who stated as much in his Instagram when he posted “Wolverine…One Last Time” way back in 2015.

Well now with “X-Men: Apocalypse” out and about hitting it big at the box office worldwide, Fox has kept to its announced production schedule and started working on “Wolverine 3” (title may change).

Details are being revealed bit by bit on multiple online sources: They said the story is taking place in the “not-so- distant future” timeframe of the X-Men film universe (when the original trilogy, “The Wolverine” and the future segments of “Days of Future Past” take place), and even the news that Sir Patrick Stewart would again be reprising his role as Professor Charles Xavier alongside Jackman’s Logan / Wolverine

To wit, pictures of the two allegedly taken on the production set have begun making the rounds in the internet, some again at Hugh’s Instagram as pointed out by Comic Book Resources, Inquisitr, and sites such as Just Jared and Nerd Fit. Some of these photos depict a bearded Logan pushing a somewhat sickly-looking Professor X on a wheelchair accompanied by a female character.

Here’s where we go into speculation territory, as we try to determine what Wolverine-centric storyline from the X-Men comic books is being adapted for the film. The fact that the star is sporting a beard might offer a hint. CBR and Marvel writer Mark Millar have implied it could be a retelling of his post-apocalyptic “Old Man Logan” storyline, depicting an older Logan who has retired the Wolverine identity, living in a devastated America divided up by super-villain overlords. That sounds intriguing enough, although it’s not the only possibility, as seen in the post-credits scene of “X-Men: Apocalypse” where Logan makes a cameo appearance, escaping from the Weapon-X facility as in his back-story, but with the help of the student X-Men. After the credits have rolled, some men in suits enter the wreckage of the Weapon-X lab to take a stored blood sample of Logan’s for the “Essex Corporation”.

That particular teaser points to two comics characters that have yet to be seen in the films: the super-villain geneticist Nathaniel Essex, aka. Mister Sinister, and Logan’s teenage female clone Laura Kinney, codenamed X-23. The latter might possibly be the girl following Logan and Xavier around in the production pictures, though of course it has not been proven. Still, it does make for an interesting course of the storyline as Hugh Jackman is retiring from the Logan / Wolverine role, and now his clone is possibly showing up to take up the mantle (as in the current Marvel Comics line, X-23 did take up the Wolverine identity). But then this would also factor another, more recent Wolverine storyline being adapted for the film: Wolverine’s death.

If so, it could easily be such an epic sendoff to both Jackman and Logan’s character in the film universe – despite rumors that Tom Hardy might be taking over as Logan instead. More information will surely be made public as the year chugs along and 2017 comes around for “Wolverine 3”.

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