Monday, June 27, 2016


When you’re travelling to Phuket and would like the ultimate resort experience, far above the rest, then look no further in booking your place to stay than at THE VILLAGE Coconut Island Resort. Located exactly where it says it is, on Coconut IslandKoh Maphrao in Thai – just off Phuket’s East Coast in Phang Na Bay, this tropical island getaway offers 5-star accommodation and amenities, as well as fantastic atmosphere, while remaining relatively close to mainland Phuket and all the best places of interest within. You’ll find yourself utterly spoiled silly by THE VILLAGE Coconut Island Resort’s laid-back relaxation facilities, waited on by their highly professional yet contagiously smiley service. And if you still have some reservations holding you back, let’s get your questions out of the way so you can see why there really is no other place to compare when in Phuket.

The Villas

Right of the bat, you’ll definitely fall in love with THE VILLAGE Coconut Island Resort, thanks to their luxurious accommodations, from 116 right-sized Tropical Jacuzzi Suites to 110 large and comfortable private pool villas. Every location has been beautifully positioned to make sure at any place you’ll have a wonderful view of the tropical surrounding and the very inviting beach. These are exquisitely designed to evoke traditional Thai architecture, a distinctive reminder of where you are. As stated, each suite has its own private Jacuzzi, and each villa – whether beachfront or elevated sea-view – has its own pool.  All accommodations have a personal safe for guests, air conditioning, flat-screen TV with DVD and satellite television. Definitely feels like home away from home.

The Restaurants

If you need to grab a bite, THE VILLAGE Coconut Island Resort has a dizzying variety of restaurants to eat; they don’t call themselves a village for nothing, because it does feel like one. Take advantage of their In-Villa dining and have choice International or Asian dishes delivered right to your villa or suite’s doorstep up until late at night. You can also call for private evening dining under the stars, perfect for couples, family or groups, and you’ll get your own dedicated attendant taking your orders and bringing your picks. If you’d prefer going out for a meal, you can go eastern cuisine with The Tamarind Restaurant and Beach Bar, or western food with The Deli, offering the best authentic pizza in Phuket.

Finally, you can drop by the Cocomart, the Village’s own market shop, to stock up on your travel necessities or buy from their top selection of meats and other food items to bring back to your villa or suite to prepare and cook just the way you like it.

Business with Pleasure

The best part about THE VILLAGE Coconut Island Resort is that, for all its considerations for pleasure and relaxation, they are just as well equipped for visits of a more professional and business-like nature. Whether you’re just spending a day with your work crew for team-building activities, or a large group holding a major convention, their Business Conference Suite especially set aside for your purpose has all the facilities you need to hold a comfortable conference with the people accompanying you, or teleconference with your associates anywhere in the world. And when your work is done, there’ll be no stopping you all from kicking your feet up and partying just as hard.

Speaking of the Conference Suite: looking for the perfect place to start forever with your love and soul-mate? THE VILLAGE Coconut Island Resort will be most happy to give you your pick of the most favourable wedding package for you. Their very own special events theme can help you set your dream wedding in the perfect location. The Conference Suite? The beach? Or maybe the garden of your honeymoon villa? What an awesome way to start your life together.

Things to do

Now if you’re in the mood for doing other things, leave it to your gracious hosts to provide you with just about anything and everything you’ll want or need to keep busy, in a fun way of course. The island boasts a couple of huge infinity pools – with water slides, natch – for you to swim and lounge about in. You can also work off your little eating gains at their very own fitness gym, with qualified instructors to also teach you Yoga, Muay Thai or just to make sure you don’t pull a muscle on the weight machines. All around you’ve got courts for various sports: beach volleyball and tennis or Giant Chess.

You can also rent out mountain bikes, with tour if you’d like, or charter your choice of speedboats or sailboats to coast around the waters. Then again you can also just grab a book to read away the day in The Village’s library. Yes, they have one too!

Even better, you can leave it to TTHE VILLAGE Coconut Island Resort to arrange for special trips within Phuket just for you. You can also avail of either their daily boat trips to nearby Kho Rang Island, or extended trips leaving twice a week for some major island-hopping around the other islands in Phang Na Bay, including Khao Phing Kan, the so-called “James Bond Isle” that was used as a filming location in two James Bond movies. Thankfully they have a dedicated desk for information and booking these trips, if they catch your fancy.

Some Important Reminders

In closing, you‘ll be happy to know that the water taxi service between THE VILLAGE Coconut Island Resort and Laem Hin Pier runs regularly 24/7, so you’re never stuck either here on on Phuket for too long. And as with all 5-star establishments, they accept major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. Unfortunately however, traveler’s checks are a no go, so keep that in mind.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to go on adventure, or hold a convention or dream wedding, or just relax and unwind like nothing else matters; you’ll find that The Village Coconut Island Resort, is just the ultimate escape from the maze of life if only for a few days of Paradise on Earth. Now what are you still doing reading this? This once-in- a-lifetime treat you’ll never forget for the rest of your days.

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