Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blake Lively stars on The Shallows; Also expecting 2nd Baby with Ryan Reynolds

A month after the news first came out, looks like it would be safe to say that Blake Lively’s pregnancy with her second child with actor husband Ryan Reynolds is coming along very nicely. So swimmingly, in fact, that the 28-year- old actress strutted her stuff, proud baby bump and all in a rather appropriate baby blue gown, last May 14 during the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s The BFG at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, as reported by “The Examiner” just the following day.

Lively, who is also promoting her own flick, the survival horror thriller The Shallows, has been in glowingly stunning form in all her Festival appearances while dressed in the most elegant maternity fashions. The fact that the L’Oreal Paris ambassador wore blue on her first appearance with her growing belly plain to see has excited gossip among fans who think it may be hinting on Baby #2’s gender.

Smart money goes to “probably not” however. Lively and her hubby Reynolds have been something of a privacy power couple, what with their super-secret 2012 wedding ceremony in South Carolina and the rather effective efforts they made to seclude from prying eyes their eldest daughter James, named after the actor’s late dad, yet to many of his fans almost calls to mind the wacky and strange humor of Reynolds’ currently most famous film role, the medium-aware superhuman mercenary and Marvel Comics character, Deadpool. It should be recalled that James, born December 2014, did not have her arrival announced to the public until a month later, her name for months still, and her specific birthdate until after a year! Photos are even rarer save for un-authorized paparazzi snaps; though despite facial blurring it’s a sure bet to say their little girl is simply adorable, and bodes well for the looks of baby number two.

Despite all the hush-hush in details regarding their family life, both Ryan and Blake have both stated in several interviews just how much they enjoy parenthood. Reynolds in fact explained to UK’s “Glamour” magazine last year how the secrecy regarding their daughter’s name was to help prepare to break it gently to James when she inevitably grows up and asks “Why?” The few pictures already shared over their individual social media accounts clearly cement just how much the couple love their baby and each other over their bundle of joy. Things are only sure to look up when their second child arrives and James also gets into the family act as a big sister.

The Shallows by Columbia Pictures and starring Blake Lively is set to release internationally on June 29, 2016. Ryan Reynolds also features in Millennium Films’ Criminal, released last month and still showing.

Photo Credits to EOnline.com