Friday, April 15, 2016

Smart and PLDT Changing Lives

I have always been vocal on how ‪#‎Smart‬ and ‪#‎PLDT‬ changed my life! It did not just make my everyday better, It helped me do the things I love more and I live for! Every month, I go out of the country to write Hotel and Restaurant Reviews, Attend Events and Conferences in Asia, and of course Promote Tourism and Inspire People to Travel (other than doing Celebrity Interviews).

use ‪#‎SmartBroadband‬ and ‪#‎SmartLTE‬ at the office so my staff can update me with anything work related. I use ‪#‎PLDTMyDsL‬ at home so Mom and my brother can still connect with me even if Im away from home. For me to be able to communicate to my staff and family and do all of these online works I use ‪#‎SmartSurfAbroad‬ There are still more to say about these 2 brands and I can go on and on and the list will not stop.  ‪#‎ChangingLives‬ ‪#‎DoMore‬‪#‎LiveMore‬ ‪#‎SmartLife‬