Friday, February 26, 2016


Smart, the country's unrivaled mobile services provider and UFC, the world's largest mixed martial arts organization, have announced a multi-year partnership that will bring the  world’s fastest growing sport closer to more Filipinos. 

As part of the partnership, Smart will be the official and exclusive mobile carrier of the UFC in the Philippines, and will introduce exciting consumer promotions and marketing activities that are set to provide unique experiences to UFC fans and subscribers of Smart Bro, the telco's mobile broadband.

These consumer promotions will give Smart Bro subscribers special access to UFC fan events and experiences, as well as the exclusive opportunity to meet and interact with top UFC athletes. Moreover, Smart Bro subscribers will enjoy exclusive access to live viewing parties throughout the year, and chances to get their hands on premium co-branded items.

Smart will also be a provider of UFC FIGHT PASS, a digital platform providing fans with exclusive UFC content and access to the world’s largest library of fight content. This will be made available through Philippines' largest and fastest mobile broadband network. 

"Beyond providing the country's fastest, widest and most reliable mobile broadband connection, Smart always goes out of its way to support the many passion points of our subscribers with awesome experiences. We are very delighted to partner with UFC, and we can't wait to bring the sport to our subscribers through our unparalleled services and offers," said Oscar A. Reyes, First Vice President and Wireless Consumer Broadband at Smart.

“Filipinos can take a huge step toward the ultimate UFC experiences by getting a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi now and start enjoying full-packed Big Bytes offers,” Reyes added.

“The Philippines continues to be one of UFC’s strongest markets in Asia and a blueprint for our growth in the region. With our massive fan base and huge media interest in our sport, combined with the runaway success of our inaugural sold out Manila event, we want to be able to provide as much opportunity as possible for fans to interact with UFC. This partnership is a huge step in that direction,” said Kenneth Berger, UFC’s Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Asia. 

SMART’s new collaboration with UFC adds to its impressive portfolio of world-class partnerships, further asserting its position as the country’s unrivaled telecommunications and mobile provider, delivering a Smart Life experience to all subscribers. 

To find out more about the upcoming UFC consumer promotions for Smart Bro subscribers, visit and follow Smart’s accounts on Facebook 
(, Twitter and Instagram (@LiveSmart).

Smart Communications, Inc. is the Philippine leader in mobile with 67 million subscribers on its GSM network, and 3.7 million subscribers on its wireless broadband as of end-September 2015. The company has built a reputation for innovation, having introduced world-first wireless offerings such as Smart Money, Smart Load, Smart Padala, and the Netphone. Smart offers 3G, HSPA+, and LTE services, while its satellite service Smart Link provides communications to the global maritime industry. Smart is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Philippines' leading telecommunications carrier, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. For more information, please visit

UFC® is a premium global sports brand and the largest pay-per-view event provider in the world. Headquartered in Las Vegas with offices in London, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Singapore, UFC produces more than 40 live events annually that consistently sell out some of the most prestigious arenas around the globe. UFC programming is broadcast in over 150 countries and territories to more than one billion TV households worldwide in 21 different 
languages. UFC FIGHT PASS®, a digital subscription service, delivers exclusive live events, thousands of fights on-demand and original content to fans around the world. For more information, visit and follow UFC at, Twitter and Instagram: @UFC.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Watch Movies through iFlix with Smart Big Bytes 15

There is no easy way watching your favorite movies on your phone via iFlix with Smart’s BigBytes 15. Smart Big Bytes 15 makes viewing movies affordable and more accessible.

Smart Big Bytes 15 is a new offer that enables subscribers to fully experience the Smart Life by changing the way they consume and watch videos by providing access to iflix’s large library of content for just P15 by downloading it on their devices. 

The Smart Big Bytes 15 allows you to download up to 2 length movies on iflix for just P15 and valid for 2 days. This is good until February 15, 2015.  To register, all you have to do is:

Dial *121#

This promo also gives you data allowance of 340MB. The 300 MB is for accessing the movies on iFlix while the remaining 40mb is for you social media applications. 

Smart Prepaid’s Big Bytes 15 also includes 40MB which subscribers can use for their social needs. Smart Big Bytes 15 makes viewing movies affordable and more accessible.

Visit to to know more about the offer .

Thursday, February 4, 2016

When in Singapore, Visit Universal Studios in Resort World Sentosa

Are you looking to take a little vacation or holiday? Have you considered Universal Studios in Singapore? If not, you should. They have so much to offer thrill seekers and family vacationers alike. While there are many intriguing reasons why you should place Singapore, in general, on your must-see list, Universal Studios on location is offering some major attractions to sweeten the deal.

We visited Universal Studios in Singapore last holiday and it was one of the best things we could have done. Whenever you’re travelling with family, especially withyoung children, you always face the challenges of overcoming boredom. Finding enough fun activities for all to enjoy is a particularly important thing to do without self-destructing your wallet as well. More on that later. If this sounds like you, then I would highly recommend Universal Studios in Singapore as your next vacation destination. Allow me to explain why.

What does Universal Studios offer visitors?

Universal Studios has a fantastic selection of rides and attractions, but it so much more than that. If you have a special event coming up, perhaps an anniversary, wedding, or birthday party, they can accommodate your event for you and make your special day extra special. They also offer a selection of shows throughout the year, so be sure to check out their event calendar when planning your trip. Whatever the reason for your trip, plan something fun and enjoy yourself and your time here. 

Attractions and Rides

The rides and attractions are always a big hit at Universal Studios. When we were there, we really enjoyed glancing at the Hollywood architecture and even seeing characters from my favorite movies like Vin Diesel of ‘The Fast and the Furious’. The staff assisting tourist like me did a fantastic job in accommodating us. I can’t remember the last place I visited where the hosts were as friendly and truly caring as we experienced at the Universal Studios in Singapore. The level of customer care we received was truly exceptional.

The attractions we visited were all themed, which we really liked. I think the theme gives you a better sense of what to expect. If there is a theme your family is particularly interested in, it also makes finding the attractions for that theme much easier. Allow me to give you an example. My mom and my brother are crazy over the Shrek movies and characters, so we made sure to stop there first and find Shrek and Puss in Boots for photo opps. It was either that or have a full out mutiny on our hands. But seriously, if you have children who love Shrek and the unforgettable characters of Far, Far Away Land, this themed stop is a no-brainer anyway. The attraction was wonderful. They even had a 4D Shrek Adventure show, which was amazing. I honestly can’t say enough about it.

However, even if Shrek isn’t your thing, there are six other themed attraction centers you can choose from, including:
  • Hollywood - Feels like you are walking downtown Hollywood.
  • New York - I love having photos infront of those US designed buildings! Surreal!
  • Ancient Egypt - My favorite attraction. It’s like Egypt in Singapore!
  • Sci-Fi City - My brother had fun checking this cool attraction! He loves science & robots!
  • Lost World - Mom loved the water ride and giant dinosaurs were freaking me out!
  • Madagascar - So tropical and you’ll feel like a kid again!.

With that said, they really do cover a lot of bases here. Actually, because my brother thoroughly enjoyed all the geekery his hands could get on, If you  are like him and you love the world of science fiction, then Sci-Fi City is certain to be a stop for you. He enjoyed the 3D Transformers ride available in this themed area. 

We also visited the Ancient Egypt themed area, which was also really cool. I have always been fascinated with everything about ancient Egypt and The Mummy movies, so it was a real treat to experience this specialty area as well. This is the closest to Egypt that I could experience in Asia. 

Does the park offer any dining venues?

The Egypt themed area has a nice middle Eastern restaurant that we stopped at called the Oasis Spice Cafe. If you get a chance to stop here, I recommend it. The food and service were excellent, with plenty of Egyptian-themed foods on the menu, which only enhanced our experience further. There are others as well, but we didn’t get a chance to visit them during this trip. However, we are planning a return trip in the near future, so perhaps next time.

How do You get to Universal Studios in Singapore?

Getting to Universal Studios was easy, regardless of your location. If you are in Singapore’s central business district, you’re looking at roughly a quick 10-minute ride. Another option that many people take is from the VivoCity shopping mall. In that case, it’s a leisure stroll away. But, if you are coming from another area, simply grab a bus or cab ride there. The ride is fairly short and easy either way. There are also directions on Universal Studios Singapore website in case you are planning on driving or walking yourself.

Where should You stay in Singapore?

There are plenty of wonderful hotels in the area where you can stay. Each one a little different from the next. For a family with many kids, I suggest staying at Resorts World Sentosa. All the features and amenities you need are already there. Rooms are clean, comfortable, and inviting. The prices are reasonable too!

Singapore offers many ways to entice and entertain their visitors. If you have never considered coming over, give it a try sometime. After all, 17 million visitors each year can’t be wrong. If you frequent Singapore, whether for business or pleasure, consider getting an annual pass to Universal Studios location here. The one thing about annual passes I love is that they give you access to the park 365 days a year, and it generally saves you on the cost as well. Go as often as you like and pay only once per year, and at a discount.

Regardless of the reason for your visit to Singapore, take time to enjoy life a little. There is so much to see and do in this wonderful, happy place.