Friday, January 22, 2016

From LONDON, Make a Sidetrip to Bath, Stongehenge, Wales and Windsor

London is the most populated city in all of England. From Westminster Abbey and Big Ben to the Thames River and Victorian Architectures, there is so much to do and see in London. The origins of London date all the way back to A.D. 43 when the Romans held the area and built a fort and the first bridge across the Thames River. In fact, some of the ruins of the fort still remain today, though they are by far not all in one piece. 

If you find yourself still looking for places to visit in United Kingdom other than London,  then take that next bus, coach or train and make a sidetrip to Bath, Stonehenge, Windsor and Wales.

Located 100 miles from London, one can take Bath by either a bus or a train. Bath is a World Heritage Site known for being a historic Roman spa city. When visiting this city never forget to bask in the old Roman baths and wade in the natural hot springs. Other things that you can do in Bath include visiting Bath Abbey (the last Gothic Church in England), walking around Sydney Garden which is the same park that Jane Austen used to visit, going through different museums like Fashion Museum and appreciating the architecture in famous places like The Royal Crescent.

Stonehenge is a world famous pre-historic monument that can easily be visited from London. This UNESCO Heritage Site is considered as one of the wonders of the world. When visiting Stonehenge, you can see and learn how our Neolitic ancestors have lived their lives in the past. You can walk around the stone circle, discover what's inside the Neolitic houses, marvel at the ancient landscape and watch the Neolitic exhibition.

Another must-see place for your London side-trip is Windsor. Windsor Castle has been the home of British royalty for the last 900 years. It is considered as the world's oldest and longest occupied castle. When visiting Windsor Castle, one can tour around the State Apartments, marvel the architecture of 15th century St. Greorge's Chapel, embrace the inner child in you at Queen Mary's Doll House, watch the current exhibitions, tour around its precincts and many more.

Another place that you can quickly visit from London is Wales. You can reach this place in three hours or even lesser (if you're traveling by train). If you're a nature lover, you will definitely enjoy touring around this place as much of its tourist spots involve parks and natural scenic views. It boasts of a scuba diving destination, spectacular mountain scenery and castles, national parks in high mountains and breathtaking coastal scenery. 

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