Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sun offers to bring Fans to watch Madonna Live in Las Vegas

What’s so wonderful about spending around 60,000 pesos for a one-night concert when you can invest in on something more valuable and long-term, like a car down payment or college tuition?  Luckily, those who #ChooseBetter do not have to deplete their life savings or downsize their lifestyle for Madonna’s much awaited concert as Sun is giving away free Madona Rebel Heart Tickets and a trip to Las Vegas for two for free! You do not even have to wait for next year and be among the first to watch Madonna conquer the stage once again at the entertainment capital of the world this October!

Suncellular Postpaid will be holding a raffle promo for tickets and fly-off to the Las Vegas leg of the Madonna Rebel Heart tour to watch Madonna Live at MGM Grand Garden Arena on October 24, 2015. #SpinnrMadonna, #SunMadonna

They are giving away free tickets to Sun Postpaid subscribers who are also Spinnr subscribers. You can get entries via getting new songs, gifting songs, or by getting the Spinnr Live Package at

To qualify:

1. Must be a current and active Sun subscriber.
2. Must first completely register to the promo to be eligible to win.
3. Must have an existing valid passport and US VISA.

To join:

1. Subscribers may qualify in the promo by availing of the Spinnr Live Package. The Spinnr Live Package is an Unlimited Music Streaming Package at P99 for 30days.
2. After availing of the SPINNR LIVE PACKAGE (it is a pre-requisite), subscribers may also earn additional points through the following:

 1. Buy a song of Madonna on Spinnr 3 points
 2. Gift a song of Madonna on Spinnr 3 points
3. Gift any song on Spinnr                 1 points
4. Buy any song on Spinnr                 1 points

Three winners will be selected and awarded with a free trip for two to Las Vegas for three days and two nights  — complete with hotel accommodation, transportation expense, meal allowance, and of course, concert tickets to Madonna’s Rebel Heart Concert at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Subscribers must already have a US Visa before joining the promo to qualify and call outs shall be made to verify that participating subscribers are qualified. Promo winners will then be notified by phone call and registered mail.

So what are you waiting for? Choose Better and start making your ultimate Madonna playlist! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Queen of Pop live in Las Vegas for free. Promo starts on August 3 and runs until October 4, 2015. Promo is also open to Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers.

Be part of the growing number of Filipinos who have made the better choice.  #Choosebetter and choose Sun today.