Friday, August 21, 2015

Sid Lucero: The Philippines' Indie Master

With his chiseled features, mesmerizing eyes, infectious smile and talent in acting and modelling, it's no wonder that Sid Lucero is one of the most handsome and enduring faces in both Philippine TV and fashion. Let's get to know Sid Lucero more and find out what it takes to be a sucessful actor and indie master like him.

On his showbiz career and success in the industry

Sid Lucero was born to actor Mark Gil and Bing Pimentel as Timothy Mark Pimentel Eigenmann. When asked about his screen name (because it does sounds far off from his real name), he shared that it was actually taken from his father's character in the film Batch '81.  Despite being born as a part of a showbiz royalty clan, Sid reached his status and success through his own efforts. He never relied on his family's name alone, rather he trained and worked hard to carve his place in showbiz.

Sid Ludero started his career in showbiz in 2004 in GMA's telenovela "Hanggang Kailan". This was followed by another teleserye in ABS-CBN with Judy Ann Santos in "Krystala". Though he has been in numerous teleseryes, TV shows and films throughout the years, it was his roles in Philippine Independent Films that vividly showed his prowess in acting. He gave a commendable acting performance in "Selda" which landed him a Best Actor Award in the 31st Gawad Urian Awards, 6th Gawad Tanglaw Awards and November 2008 Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece. His role on Donson landed him an award from the Golden Screen for Best Breakthrough Performance of an Actor as well as Best Actor nominations from other various film events and organizations.

On his family and personal life

The Eigenmanns are surely a close-knit showbiz family and Sid, being a part of it, is of no exception. He loves working out with his cousin Geoff Eigenmann and hanging around with other family members. 

When asked about his father's death and how it affected their family, Sid confessed that the passing away of his father had been too painful for him and his other siblings. They have been used to the presence of their patriarch especially in family events that when they celebrated Christmas last year without him, it had been a bittersweet event. However, they're also happy because they know that their father is now at peace.

Sid accedes to being a family man. Now that he is not so busy with work and he is single once again, he's devoting his time and attention to his daughter from ex-girlfriend Bea Lao. Even though that he's used to taking care of his siblings, he acknowledges that taking care of his own daughter is very different and on a whole new level. For him, being a father is a wonderful experience that helped open a lot of new perspectives in his life. He just hopes that his daughter will live comfortably and grow up to become the person that she wants to be in the future. When asked to describe his daughter in one word, Sid said (with adoration in his eyes) that she's amazing. Even before saying "I love her", I already know he has great love for his daughter Halo. 

On his trending selfie with the Hollywood stars 

Sid recently flew with co-actor Archie Alemania and director Lav Diaz for the 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards in Sta. Monica, California to represent the Philippines with their official entry, "Norte: Hanggang sa Kasaysayan".

Aside from walking in the red carpet with the Hollywood stars, they also had some selfies with them. When asked about it, Sid just said that he can't keep his fanmode off and can't keep from posting it on Instagram especially since he was able to have his selfies with really famous actors and actresses like Julianne Moore. So even if "Norte" wasn't able to bag any awards, they still felt like winners for having been given the chance to represent the Philippines in the international scene. Walking in the red carpet and taking selfies with the Hollywood stars are just added bonus.

On his hobbies and interests

Aside from mastering his craft as an Indie Master, Sid also enjoys a lot of other activities outside of acting. He loves to model and pose for prints. He also takes good care of his body and physique through working out and practicing Juijitsu. Recently, Sid excitedly shared that he learned how to cook and he now specializes in cooking meat and tomato-based pasta and dishes. He also loves surfing, traveling with his daughter and friends and eating spicy food.
Here is an exclusive one on one sit down interview with Timmy! Enjoy!


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