Sunday, August 16, 2015

JayR: The Philippine’s King of R&B on The Morgan Show

I got the chance to interview the King of R&B JayR over lunch at his resto Treehouse in A Venue Makati City

Read on and find out that aside from his voice, there’s so much more to love about JayR as he constantly re-invent himself as one of the Philippines’ most acclaimed artists. 

The Making of a King

From being dubbed as the Philippines’ R&B Prince to being hailed as the new King of RNB, there’s no doubt that JayR’s reign in the world of R&B here in the Philippines is none like any other. 

JayR whose real name is Gaudencio Silona III is a Filipino-American singer. He grew up from a family of musicians; his father is a pianist while his mother is a singer. He started his musical career from humble beginnings like being a demo vocalist for other producers in Hollywood, performing with the group called “First Impression” and producing records for various local artists in his parent’s house.

He was given a big break in the musical scene when he signed for a network deal with GMA and a record deal with Universal Records in 2003. When he released his album “Gameface” in that same year which reached a platinum record, JayR has since then became a household name in the Philippines. 

His cool, smooth and suave voice have been heard in a lot of commercials as well as teleserye and movie soundtracks. People have looked forward to his song numbers and performances as well as his duets with the R&B Princess (now dubbed as the R&B Queen), Kyla, in GMA’s shows SOP and Sunday All Stars. 

Now that he has grown from Prince to being the King of RNB, JayR is never shy in admitting that he is comfortable with the title. According to him, it makes perfect sense as the songs that he usually sings are R&B. However, he is very open in re-inventing himself as he can also perfectly belt out songs of other genres just as fine.

Taking R&B to the Next Level

JayR is not only a singer and a performer; he is also an actor, endorser, producer and a business man, owning and managing a record label. 

In 2006, he founded his own record label named “JayR Music” but renamed it into “Homeworkz Entertainment Services” in 2009. His dedication to take R&B in the Philippines into new heights is just commendable and outstanding. He did this by focusing on his independent label to better distribute his original work. This has led him to produce a new generation of Hip-Hop and R&B artists like Q-York, Chelo A., Salbakuta and Mica Javier to name a few. His own label has also opened a number of opportunities for him to work with international names such as Marie’ Digby and Timbaland Productions. 

On his YFSF Experience

After a decade of staying with GMA, JayR transferred to ABS-CBN just this 2015. According to JayR he needed some change and a new environment to work with.

Surprisingly, the change was something he didn’t expect. He became a contestant on a high rated reality show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” in which he emerged as one of the top finalists. 

At first, JayR confessed that it was indeed challenging to impersonate other celebrities as the task requires a lot more than just singing. However, he said that he enjoyed working hard and doing his best for all his performances during the show. Viewers have applauded JayR for his feats especially when he performed as Pepe Smith, Kenny Rogers and Alice Cooper. Even the rock icon himself, Alice Cooper, recognized his performance and tweeted about it, urging his followers to check out JayR’s performance as Alice Cooper in YFSF. 

When asked about what he felt about Alice Cooper’s tweet, JayR beamed and said: “It feels great to be noticed by the ‘Godfather Of Shock Rock.’ I feel like my hard work is paying off and getting recognized so much, that even the icons I portray are taking notice. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten that kind of attention, and I must say that it is extremely satisfying.”

What’s next for JayR after YFSF?

After YFSF, JayR is trying his best to juggle his career and his businesses. He recently acquired the Treehouse Tavern in Makati. He invited us to visit the place and enticed us by enumerating what it offers. Other than their best tasting pancakes, beef steak, lechon kawali, burgers and pastas , They also have foosball, darts, beer pong and a PS4 where people can actually play while waiting for their food and drinks. Treehouse is a perfect place to just hang-out and chill that’s why it is always packed with people every day.

Aside from managing his restaurant, JayR can also be seen every Sunday on ASAP. He’s also busy with his tours for his album “Elevated” inside and outside the country. Check out his website for more details about his schedule and gigs