Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zsa Zsa Padilla: The Philippines’ Divine Diva on The Morgan Show

Zsa Zsa Padilla just celebrated 32 years in the Philippine music scene but she’s never shown any signs of stopping. She’s in full swing. In an interview that I had with her during the press conference for her latest album, “Beginnings”, Zsa Zsa revealed the state of her heart, her return to the concert scene and her general plans for her future in the world of Philippine entertainment.

Her humble beginnings

Zsa Zsa Padilla began her musical career as a member of the band “Hotdog” in the mid-1970’s. In 1983, (when I was born) she went solo and released her first album which was followed by a very successful major concert a year after. Fast forward to the present, Zsa Zsa remains to be one of the Philippine’s most successful singers who has more than 10 albums to her name with her 1998 record, “Zsa Zsa”, earning her a quadruple album platinum award.

One of the few singers in the Philippines who have a coveted honorific title, Zsa Zsa is called as the Divine Diva because of her extremely divine voice wrapped in velvet and distinguished career in singing. Martin Nievera gave her that title during their concert DIVINE AND MADNESS. Though she’s known for hitting high notes and for having that unique and powerful vocal timbre while singing ballads, she’s also comfortable with belting broadway hits, pop, new wave, rhythm and blues, rock and other musical genres. The only thing she can’t do is rap. 

Zsa Zsa is not only a renowned singer, but also an amazing and a respected actress who starred in various Movies, TV shows and Teleseryes. She bagged numerous awards for her acting like being the Best Actress for “Batang PX” in 1996 and “Mano Po 4: Ako Legal Wife” in 2006 and Best Supporting Actress for “Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love” in 2009.

Timeless Beauty

At 51, Zsa Zsa is the epitome of timeless beauty. She never seems to age and just keeps looking younger and more beautiful every day. This is basically due to a lot of effort and not just because of ‘Belo’. She keeps herself fit and healthy. Zsa Zsa not only lives a healthy lifestyle and goes to the gym for 2 hours MWF and TTH she does PILATES and attends Zumba classes.

Zsa Zsa goes on a pescetarian diet and she promised herself to be committed to wellness after experiencing a kidney cancer scare and going through a surgery. She avoids dairy products, coffee and crackers. 

On Letting Go and Finding New Love

Zsa Zsa revealed that when she lost her long-time partner of 23 years, the comedy king Dolphy, she went through a bout of depression and lost almost 40 lbs in the process. Looking back to the time when the pain of losing, Zsa Zsa recalls that she always cried during that time. “Every day I cry. I have to cry every day just so I can get by. I find that if I cry in the morning and talk to him, it’s healthier than having to sleep with a heavy heart.” She couldn’t even sing well because every words coming out of her mouth makes her emotional.

Years after losing the comedy king, Zsa Zsa opened her heart to love once again. She is now with Conrad Onglao, an A-list architect who is known for designing the business projects of the Ayalas, Zobels and Concepcions to name a few. Zsa Zsa didn’t know about her boyfriend’s credentials until she searched him on google prior to their blind date. 

The megastar Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan, played cupid and set their blind date. At that time, Zsa Zsa has just finished storing Dolphy’s stuff and has been crying and having an emotional whirlwind for two days. Meanwhile, Onglao was designing the house of the megastar who gave Zsa Zsa’s number to Onglao. After texting each other, the two agreed to have dinner and the rest is happily ever after. 

A Return to the Concert Scene

Zsa Zsa returns once again to the concert scene this July 31, Friday at 8pm at Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila. This is a repeat concert entitled “Beginnings” with her long-time friend, The Concert King Mr. Martin Nievera and her daughter Karylle

Beginnings” is also the title of her latest released album under Polyeast Records Label.  “Just a Love Song” is the carrier single that has been playing on radio for few weeks now. The album includes other covers from Chicago, Carpenters and Bee Gees. The 10 tracks included in ‘Beginnings’ are old-time favorites of Zsa Zsa from the 70’s and 80’s. 

Now that Zsa Zsa Padilla has found a new love and has constantly received both support and inspiration from her daughters Karylle, Zia and Nichole, she is bound once again to produce chart-topping singles and albums.