Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Breakup Playlist - Film Review

Sometimes all we want in a movie is a beautiful story delivered with warmth and smiles. A simple movie to make you feel good after watching, without regrets.

and that's how 'The Breakup Playlist' was. 

Stars Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo, under Star Cinema and Viva Films, 'The Breakup Playlist'  is a simple yet insightful film about love, career, family, forgiveness and second chances. It's about learning how to not compromise love with your ideals and insecurities. 

The Breakup Playlist gave me and those who watched already the sense of realism in terms of relationship and romance, Just like music, love can be sad, dark, sweet, or colourful depending on how you will express it.

The film follows the love story of two musicians who broke up because of insecurities. Sarah plays the role of a law student who got recruited to become a lead vocalist in a band with Piolo Pascual. The two became lovers as their careers blossomed. The conflict occured when Piolo started feeling less appreciated. Carried away by his ego, he pushed Sarah away despite the many times of Sarah reminding him that there shouldn't be competiton in love. 3 years later, a recording company offered them to have a reunion concert. With so much hatred in Sarah's heart, will she be able to forgive Piolo and give him a second chance?

The Breakup Playlist, (directed by Dan Villegas and written by Antonette Jadaone) is now showing in all theaters nationwide . Other than the infectious musical vitality, the movie also conveys a uniquely exhilarating romance between Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual who I thought would never work.

Sarah Geronimo is simply the next megastar! Pure, Exquisite, Sparkling and Versatile! No other artist can be so real when it comes to being giddy and happy. She's more mature now in this movie with how she acted out being mad and tired. I seriously can't think of a movie where she has disappointed the audience. 

ABS-CBN has a lot of good looking male celebrities but none can be as Telegenic as Piolo Pascual. He was so amazing that he can create a chemistry with a leading lady 10 years younger than him. I also need to commend him for his outstanding and refined delivery of a character who was feeling down and a failure. 

If I remember it right, there was a moment in Piolo's life when he was almost ready to give up doing movies. Well I hope this honest review would make him feel that the industry still needs someone as bankable as him.

The Breakup Playlist is a decent movie I'm recommeding simply because of the level of reality to it in the performances acted out both by Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual. 

The story allows you to evaluate the relationship that you have now with your partner. If one has hurt you, will just go away that easily? Or if that person who hurt you the most comes back after leaving you for sometime, will you take him back with a promise to not hurt you again? Love can be tiring at times but it's always worth it.

My rating for the movie is 4.5/5