Sunday, July 12, 2015

Marco Gumabao on The Morgan Show

I got the chance to interview Marco Gumabao at WhistleStop Restaurant in ABS-CBN last week and I’ve learned a lot of things about him that is worth sharing.

Looks and Brains

Marco Imperial Gumabao is the son of actor Dennis Roldan and the brother of La Salle’s spiker, Michelle Gumabao. Marco may be more known for his handsome looks and for being the main heartthrob in “Luv U” but what people don’t know is that he takes his education and acting seriously. He went to Ateneo in High School and is currently taking up Psychology at La Salle. 

According to him, he does find it challenging to balance and manage his studies, showbiz commitments and taping. However, amidst all the fame and busy schedule he still wants to continue and finish his studies. “I never thought of quitting my studies,” he said. While he gets a lot of attention and popularity from the public, he’s thankful that he is not getting the same attention that he gets outside when he’s in school. He’s happy that he is still treated like an ordinary student in La Salle so it’s much easier for him to just focus on his studies whenever he’s in school.

About the Real Marco

Marco, (who happens to be a caring, loyal and thoughtful kind of guy) is currently single for few years now. He is okay with dating a fan as long as the girl has a great personality and he could feel that they could jive together. He loves collecting shoes and likes listening to worship songs. Marco also admitted that he feels the sexiest whenever he works out.

Following his father’s footsteps in showbiz

Marco’s star is shining brighter each day in the showbiz world. He was first introduced as a Kampamilya star in the teen-oriented show “Luv U”. Despite being a neophyte in showbizness as compared to the other casts who were once child stars from Goin’ Bulilit, Marco surprisingly stepped up in his game and worked twice as hard as the others just so he can deliver his best for the show. 

When asked how he had managed to easily blend with the rest of the more experienced child stars, he said that he was really pressured to give his best. He went through workshops to improve his acting skills and he bonded with the cast as they taught and helped him to become more familiar with the feel of the show. 

Marco has also appeared in many other shows like “Kailangan ko’y Ikaw” and had numerous guestings on “Ipaglaban Mo” and “Maalaala Mo Kaya”. He also starred alongside Kathniel in “She’s Dating the Gangster” and was commended by direk Cathy for his stellar performance in the said movie, as well as for his hard work and good attitude while on set. Direk Cathy was so impressed with him that he was casted in “Forevermore” without even auditioning for it. His latest project was working alongside Liza Soberano in the movie “Just the Way You Are” which was just shown 2 weeks ago. 

Despite all the fame and his steady rise to the top, Marco doesn’t forget to keep his feet on the ground. He is very grateful for all the opportunities that were given to him. He hopes for more successful shows that will leave a good impression to his audience. He also wants to try new genre; he said that he is open to anything but he would love to try action or being the villain for a change. He wants people to know that he is working hard on becoming even better when it comes to acting. He takes every role seriously.

Family is everything

When asked about what he considers as his most treasured possession, Marco said that his family is everything. Despite the trials that their family now faces with his father currently incarcerated for kidnapping charges, Marco said that he will forever support and love his father. He visits and talks to him often because he grew up being close with his father, being the only son in the family.

Despite all of these, Marco remains positive. He said that his father has taught him to always thank the Lord for all the blessings and talent that he has been given so he’s focusing all his thoughts on that.

Hobbies and Interests

Aside from acting, Marco is also good in singing and dancing. But what he really loves doing when not taping or having showbiz commitments is playing basketball. He dreams of becoming a professional basketball player and he would have been one if he was not a celebrity. Indeed sports is a favorite pastime in their family as his sister Michelle has become one of the most successful volleyball player in the country. At times, Marco tours the country with other celebrity stars to play basketball with different school varsities. 

Marco also loves hanging out with his showbiz friends when not at work. He has developed close friendships with his co-stars in “Luv U” - CJ Navato and Igiboy Flores. He also hangs out with Daniel Padilla and Enrique Gil at times.

When his busy schedule would allow it, Marco is usually in the gym and working out to have a better physique. Who knows we might see him on the next Cosmo Bash. 

From a boy next door to becoming Philippine’s next heartthrob! Marco Gumabao is going to be one of the hottest men in this country. Get to know him more on this exclusive interview on The Morgan Show! 

P.S.  We couldn't find a better place to have the interview that's why the background is a little noisy and lighting wasn't that good. Nevertheless you would still love him even more after watching the interview.