Thursday, July 9, 2015

Juan Karlos Labajo - The Charming Young Crooner

From being a regular kid in Cebu to a teenage sensation, Juan Karlos Labajo is now in full swing.  A few days before the launching of his new album, self-titled “JK”, I got the chance to interview him for the 3rd Season of The Morgan Show. The interview had been rescheduled many times because of his mall shows and thrice a week taping for Pangako Sayo, his newest TV Project. 

Today, July 10, as I post this article, is the date that you have all been waiting for! The release of his first solo album under MCA Music. With 6 songs; PARA SA YO, THIS GRAVITY, THIS SONG IS FOR YOU, SUMMER TIME LOVE, MAYBE LOVE, DI KA MAN LANG NAGPAALAM (plus a band version of PARA SA YO and an acoustic version of This Gravity) the album is now available in all record bars and music stores. 

Before The Voice Kids

I’m sure most of you had watched his life story on MMK where we discovered more of him than just his mestizo looks and happy-go-lucky disposition in life. 

At the age of 14, JK has already experienced a lot of things that most people twice or thrice his age haven’t experienced yet. His mother passed away just before he made it to The Voice Kids Blinds.  He never met his German father nor had any connections with him upto now. He grew up in Cebu city under the care of his maternal grandmother, and now staying in Manila under the care of his uncle to further pursue his career in music and TV.

JK shared that back in Cebu, people had always mistaken him to be rich and spoiled because of his looks, but that was never the case. He admitted that his family was actually struggling from debt. JK also shared that he was a victim of bullying in the past. He said that he would often go home with bruises and scratches that he got from his bullies in school. But even so, he would still thank his bullies, bashers and haters because according to him, those people had become his motivation to work harder.

Despite all of these experiences, JK still manages to have a positive outlook in life. When asked what his motto is, he said: “You only live once in this world so live life with happiness.” And indeed, JK is doing just that, living his life to the fullest with gladness in his heart.

New Opportunities and Blessings

JK considers his experience with The Voice Kids as the door for his newfound opportunities and many blessings. Other than the new album, JK will also have a repeat concert at the Music Museum soon. He will also be doing a series of mall shows all over the country to promote his self-titled album. JK is one of the few artists who can reach a Sold Out and Double Sold Out status in a given mall show. 

His first single “Para Sa’yo” has become #1 song in some radio stations after a week of its launch and is still continuously hitting the airwaves. JK is pretty amazed with all the love and support he is getting. His first solo concert at Teatrino Promenade was a great success with crowd screaming their hearts for him. He has multiple fans club and chapters all over the world and in different cities in the Philippines. 

The charm and talent of JK don’t just end in singing. Surprisingly, he’s good with acting too. After The Voice Kids, he was seen immediately as a new child actor in MMK, Ipaglaban Mo and Hawak Kamay. Now he is currently seen every night on “Pangako Sayo”. He is trending on twitter every day because of his chummy and cute performance. He never really had an acting workshop like other child stars but is still getting a lot of good reviews and feedback. Take note, he delivers his lines with 1-2 takes only. 

His success in both music and acting is really amazing and awe-inspiring. Both Star Magic and MCA Music never thought he could be this strong and influential at a very young age. And That is more than an achievement.

Humble and down to earth

Despite his many achievements and popularity nowadays, one can still find JK as a humble and down to earth person. Like many regular kid, he is also engaged in other fun activities when not singing or acting. He likes surfing, biking, watching movies and eating at his favorite resto in Morato. He also collects all the gifts he received from his fans and put them all in a big cabinet. 

I already heard so many good words about him and I wanted to know if all of those were true.

And yes they are true! He creates good relationship with people he meets and maintains good rapport with his fan base. This boy can certainly go places and will become the next superstar! Not only because of his looks and talents but because of the big heart he has. Such a sweet and charming little boy who has started making teenagers fall in love with him. JK is undeniably witty, smart, attentive and clingy. He’s not aware that he has an incredible fandom and his stardom for sure will become even bigger and brighter.

With looks like that of a matinee idol, smooth voice like that of Michael Buble and an attitude of a real and humble star, Juan Karlos is certainly Philippines Young Charming Crooner.

Here is the full interview of Juan Karlos on The Morgan Show.  I initially used his song PARA SAYO as the background music, but Youtube asked me to take it down because of copyright issue! So I'm using an instrumental version of his fave song Photographs by Ed Sheeran. 

You’ll love him even more after watching this video.  Also we both have a surprise for all of you guys towards the end of the interview! There is an uncut version and some revelations you wouldn’t want to miss that I will share in the next few days! Enjoy and please share leave your comments!


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