Monday, June 8, 2015

Special Packages at Grand Mercure in Phuket Thailand

If you’re planning on visiting the Patong Beach area of Thailand, I would recommend checking in at the Grand Mercure in Phuket, Patong. I spent a week  there last month and I must say the resort is absolutely top notch. They provide their guests with a number of amenities for your convenience as well as enjoyment. With so much to see and do, I have no doubt that I will return again. 

The resort offers four different packages to choose from to make your time in Phuket as memorable and special as possible.

Thai Resident Escape
Honeymoon Hideaway
Culinary Yours
Rejuvenate Retreat

Thai Resident Escape

If you are a Thai resident, then the Thai Resident Escape may be the package for you. The room rates associated with this package are exclusive to residents only, however, they include, among other things, a daily breakfast for two at the resort’s luxurious Bubbles restaurant. 

Bubbles restaurant has a fantastic entrée selection. It is truly a unique dining experience in and of itself. There are a number of cuisines to choose from, so there is always something to please everyone. They offer a little bit of everything from Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines to Asian and authentic Thai cuisines.

One of my personal favorites at Bubbles is their Mee Hoon Gaeng Poo. It is a positively delightful noodle dish made with vermicelli noodles, crab meat, and yellow curry, so flavorful.

This package also comes with a complimentary welcome drink and a choux pastry, which is a type of filled puff pastry that will have your sweet tooth begging for more. As a Thai resident taking advantage of this offer, you can also expect a 10% discount on the resort’s tours and excursions offers as well as free WiFi.

If you’re not a Thai resident, or you are looking for something a little different, then one of the other accommodation packages may better suit you.

Rejuvinate Retreat

Are you looking for a little relaxation and pampering? If so, the Grand Mercure’s Rejuvenate Retreat package can rejuvenate your senses. Not only will you receive a two night accommodation, including a fantastic buffet breakfast and a wine dinner set for two, this package also provides you with three whole hours of the most sensational spa treatment around. The Grand Mercure’s spa professionals perform the most unique spa treatments that are tailored specifically to you. Upon entering the spa, you will be asked to provide your birth date. Why? Your spa massage treatment will be based on your birth date. Spa massage oils are created based on the four elements: Earth, wind, water, and fire. The oil for your personalized massage is selected according to which element best matches you based on your birth date.

Honeymoon Hideaway

Are you planning your honeymoon? Sometimes when you’re trying to find just the right spot to honeymoon, it can seem a little overwhelming toppled with everything else on your list. However, the Grand Mercure has you covered here with their Honeymoon Hideaway package.

With this package, the Grand Mercure offers you a three night stay in a private villa, a buffet breakfast for two each day as well as a romantic dinner for two with wine. 

Additionally, you will also receive a fantastic 2 hour spa treatment that will be specifically tailored to you based on your birth date and which of the four elements, Earth, wind, water, or fire, are best suited to you. If that isn’t enough, the offer also includes a one day trip to the Mai Ton Island with beautiful white sandy beaches and teal blue water.

Culinary Yours

My personal favorite package that the Grand Mercure offers is the Culinary Yours offer. There’s no doubt that Thai food is truly amazing and to have the ability to take something away from your experience and recreate it is a huge draw for me. 

If this sounds like you as well, then the Culinary Yours offer provides you and a partner with the experience that you crave. With it, you receive a two night accommodation and a daily buffet breakfast. You and your partner will also receive a Thai cooking class, which is my personal favorite part of this offer, and a degustation dinner with a bottle of wine for two.
If you have never experienced a degustation dinner, you simply must try one. It is a careful, sampling of different foods that focus on the gustatory system as well as the senses, culinary art, and pleasant company.

The Culinary Yours offer was such a fun experience that I plan to return in a few months just to do it all over again. If you enjoy the culinary arts, this is one offer that I highly recommend.

Island Tours

While the resort, itself, does not provide island tours, they are happy to assist you in arranging a tour through a local tour agency that they partner with. The Grand Mercure currently partners with the agency Sea Cave Canoe, also known as Phang-NGA Explorations, which provides an incredible island excursion adventure. Sea Cave Canoe, offers up a number of trips that are sure to pique your interest from canoe trips, speedboat trips, and junk cruises around the island of Phang Nga. We took a canoe trip while we were in Phuket, Patong and, let me tell you, it was the most amazing adventure that I have been on yet. Each canoe had their own guide and we paddled through the peaceful watery caves on the outskirts of the island and saw some amazing stalactites. It was positively stunning. 

Regardless of the reason for your stay, I highly recommend visiting the Grand Mercure in Phuket, Patong during your next stay in Thailand. Trust me, you won’t regret it.