Sunday, April 26, 2015

Where to Stay in Singapore? Hotel Jen in Orchardgateway Singapore

Hotel Jen was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at and I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Singapore. I don’t say this lightly. I’ve visited a lot of hotels and places in my travels, but Hotel Jen truly is top-notch.

I chose Hotel Jen, primarily for a couple of reasons, Location, Amenities and the Vibe.

It never ceases to amaze me how a first opinion, positive or negative, can be impacted within the first ten to fifteen seconds. It’s such a small amount of time, a fraction, really. Yet, in the first few seconds of meeting someone or encountering a new experience, we have already made up our minds on how we feel about it. Our opinion is formulated from that point on and changing it presents a challenge.  

Knowing this, I walked into Hotel Jen (together with my friends) with an open mind. After all, while the images online of their accommodations were impressive, I knew from personal experience that you can’t always trust what you see or read online. That was never a problem with Hotel Jen.

Customer service and experience are both attributes that I am all too familiar with when visiting various business establishments. I know them like the back of my hand. The dedication and pleasantries that need to be put forward in order to attain the best possible customer experience in the hospitality industry where immense competition can make or break you is the driving force behind it all. However, when it comes to Hotel Jen, customer service was the first thing that I noticed upon my arrival. The hotel staff greeted me as they would a long-time friend. Their smiles and conversations were genuine and what granted me my first positive impression of this wonderful oasis within the city. I didn’t have Singaporean Dollars yet when I arrived and the cab’s credit card terminal wasn’t working. So I had to humbly ask the hotel staff who welcomed me to pay for it first and have it charged to my room. With smiles on their faces, they were more than happy to assist me. Such a shame on my part. 

I just love everything in my room. From the comfortable 5 star quality bed, the elegant couch, room to ceiling glass window with a great view of the streets of Singapore, the lovely bathroom that made me feel like a member of the royal family, the fridge with complimentary fruits for guests, the big closet to the customized led television. I couldn't ask for more.

Sitting snug along one of Singapore’s most renowned shopping districts, Hotel Jen’s prime location makes for another wonderful reason to stay here. Stepping out of the hotel, the hustling and bustling going on along Orchard Road is enough to make your nerves buzz with excitement.  The place is truly a shopper’s paradise and my first thought was “so many malls, so little time” to explore them all during my short stay. If shopping is your thing, then Orchard Road is the place to be.

However, shopping isn’t the only thing to do in the area. Orchard Road also offers spas, museums, and historical sights to visit. Emerald Hill is among one of the must see places to go. While the area can be a bit hilly at times, it is worth the effort to step back in time and visit a rich piece of Singapore’s history.

When you’re not out exploring the many sights that Singapore has to offer, step back into Hotel Jen for a little relaxation and self-indulgence. The hotel offers a number of amenities to its guests such as a 24-hour fitness center. After all, maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is important as well.

The hotel also offers several dining options, so that there is always something available regardless of when that hunger pang strikes, day or night. A vending machine and an ice cubes dispenser are available in every floor.

One of the many things that I really like to see in hotel amenities is a pool. Call me what you like, but there is just something incredibly appealing about relaxing at poolside and maybe taking an occasional dip. What is unique about Hotel Jen’s pool is its location, which is on the rooftop where you get this glorious view of the city’s skyline. However, that’s not all the Hotel Jen’s rooftop has to offer.

If you enjoy the night life, step into one of Hotel Jen’s two lounges, kick back your feet and relax with a drink. My personal favorite is the hotel’s Baywatch@Jen lounge. There’s something magical about enjoying a nice cold drink in an outdoors with all of the comforts you could ask for in a lounge, plus a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline to boot.

One of the really special differences with Hotel Jen that stood out for me in a big way was the offers page listed right on their website. The hotel lists the different specials and activities that are planned and when you can plan your trip to take advantage of them. I’m not talking about simply cost savings either, although that’s always nice. Hotel Jen also offers special activities on their calendar such as High Teas, Ladies’ Night, Men’s Night, and even room deals that can get you a complimentary 2-hour cocktail party. 

At Hotel Jen there is always something for everyone. Whether you come alone, bring your friends, or are bringing the whole family, you’re sure to find something special at Hotel Jen. If you’re thinking of traveling to Singapore, stop on by Hotel Jen for a stay. I promise that you won’t regret it. For more details about Hotel Jen in Orchardgateway Singapore, click here.


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