Wednesday, February 18, 2015

TV5 launches new Sitcom, Mac & Chiz


TV5 doubles the happiness and excitement of Sunday evening family television through its newest comedy sitcom, Mac & Chiz starring the very handsome Derek Ramsay and the funny Empoy Marquez.

Derek plays the role of Macario Vasquez, a.k.a. MAC, a smart and wealthy bachelor who is the heir to the popular chain of family restaurants, Kubyertos. In the story, Mac was asked by his dying father to search for his long-lost twin brother, CHIZ, who look different from what he expected.  

MAC was raised from a privileged environment making him refined, well-mannered and stern. CHIZ on the other hand grew up in the province and surprisingly a chic magnet. Their rivalry as brothers started when Bianca King (Candy) was hired to become Chiz's mentor. Mac started to develop feelings for Candy while Chiz fell in love at first glance. 

Will Mac and Chiz go along well? Is brotherly love more important than the love for a woman? How will they be able to set things right?

Join Derek Ramsay and Empoy Marquez, every Sunday at 8pm on TV5. Also in the sitcom are John Sweet Lapus, Ana Roces, Jojo Alejar, Diana Zubiri and directed by Jade Catsro.