Wednesday, February 18, 2015

TV 5 celebrates love month with New Wattpad Presents stories

TV5 brings four of the most popular romantic stories from Wattpad to TV starting February 16. Wattpad has proven to be a favorite of viewers from all ages. 

'Cupid's Fools' by Pajama Addict is the 1st installment for this 2nd season with over 5.5 million reads and more than 150,000 votes on Wattpad. It is top-billed by Ahron Villena and Sophie Albert. The story starts with a pretend love affair leading to bargaining and ends up to a blossoming ending. Ahron plays the role of Aleph who has the qualities of a perfect guy while Sophie portrays the role of Ingrid, a beautiful and lovelorn woman. 

The 2nd Installment is 'Ex Ko Ang Idol Nyo' by Shaicee and will start airing on February 23. A story about a girl who sees herself as a loser and miserable when her Ex became a famous celebrity and no one would believe that she was the Ex. The story has 4.8 million reads and 41,000 votes on Wattpad and will be portrayed by Ranz Kyle and Marvelous Alejo.

The next story 'Bitter Ella', a well-loved fairy tale with over 1 million reads and almost 13,00 wattpad votes. It starts on March 2 and will be played by Suklay Diva Katrina Velarde and Phytos Ramirez. The story revolves around a damsel in distress who doesn't believe in real love.

The final installment of this season is 'My Fiance Since Birth' written by Kagome Annah. It has almost 5 millions reads with over 40,000 votes on wattpad. It will be playes by the cool and sexy Vin Abrenica and the fab Yassi Pressman. It's about a promise made to be fulfillled or facing the reality and give the new love a chance. It will air from March 9 to 13.

Wattpad Presents airs on TV5  from Monday to Friday at 9pm.