Monday, February 23, 2015

Smart Communications unveils Pay with Mobile service

Smart announced today another mobile innovation that will provide its subscribers the convenience of paying for applications, games, books, magazines, movies, and music on iTunes using their prepaid load or have it charged on top of their monthly postpaid bill.

To be known as “Pay-With-Mobile,” this new service eliminates the need for a credit or debit card to get paid contents from App Store and iTunes. 

This innovation works by allowing subscribers the ability to sign up for a 'Pay-With-Mobile' number which they can use solely with their iTunes accounts. All appplication downloads, digital contents and in-app purchases bought using the Pay-With-Mobile will be deducted from customer's prepaid load, or have it charged on top of their monthly bills.

“Smart understands that not everyone owns a credit card, but that shouldn’t stop people from realizing the full potential of their mobile devices. This is why we have worked hard to bring this groundbreaking service to Filipino users, which we believe will further revolutionize the way they enjoy their favorite lifestyle apps and content on their devices,” said Charles Lim, EVP and Wireless Consumer Division Head at Smart. 

To get started, Text REG to 4949 and yoou will receive a Pay-With-Mobile number and other pertinent account details. Then go to your Apple ID Account Settings page on iTunes  and select “MasterCard” as the payment option and fill out the corresponding fields.

Once your assigned card number is associated with the account, you can already purchase all the apps, games, music and movies on your phones, as well as buy in-app purchases within “freemium” apps. Every successful transaction is verified by an SMS notification to inform you of the purchase. 

App Store currently has over 1 million applications available for download including tons of music and movies The Pay-With-Mobile service makes it easier for subscribers to maximize their Internet giving them instant and convenient access to almost all possible digital contents. 

This will soon be available to Sun Cellular subscribers.

To know more about this new Smart’s Pay-With-Mobile service click here