Sunday, November 2, 2014

Starbucks 2015 Planner

The Starbucks 2015 Planner is officially available in all stores today, November 3, 2014. 

My Blogger friends and already got theirs during the launch last week at Starbucks 6750 in Makati.

The planners are available in four colors; blue, red, green and the special brown edition with a free Starbucks Pen and bookmark. Three new Starbucks Card with a mini edition will also be available in all branches. 

I have been collecting the Starbucks Planner for 8 years now. The entrance to my previous office had a Starbucks Outlet so imagine the smell of Starbucks Premium Coffee greeting you a Hello and Good Morning for that span of time.  You would even end up including the coffee in your budget or assigning one of your credit cards for Starbucks purchases only. But honestly, I haven't really used them. They are just in my bookshelf, standing pretty. Haha!

The Starbucks Planner has always been one of the most in-demand and most loved Christmas gifts not just because of the brand but of the effort exerted to get it. So when someone gives you one, it means you are special to him. He paid 18 Cups of Coffee (9 Christmas Drinks and 9 Regular Beverages) and spent many days having too much caffeine just to give that to you.

The known Holiday Drinks, Peppermint Mocha and Toffee Nut can be best paired with their Christmas pastries like gingerbread cookie, toffee nut loaf, chocolate torte cake, peppermint brownie and the chocolate oreo cookie.

Just a little sharing: Ever since I left the corporate world, Starbucks has become my office. I love working there! The taste of their delicious coffee comes in 3rd why. Second is the atmosphere. It awakens me and I become more productive. And the First Reason, are the BARISTAS working for Starbucks. They will make you feel that they aren't working for the company but for the customers. They would give you the warmest good morning or hello and they would make you feel so comfortable that you wouldn't mind paying for an expensive coffee as long as you get that experience everyday and always. 

Here's to another season of draining our wallets. You have until January 8 of next year to collect the stickers and until March 8 to redeem.  You'll still get 1 free cup for every 12 drinks you buy using your Starbucks Card.


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