Friday, November 7, 2014

Celine's Salon in Gensan

Hair is a crowning glory not just for women but for everyone. Your look would sometimes depend on your hairstyle. Having the right haircut gives you enough confidence to mingle with people. When you know you look good because of your hair, you naturally exude a better aura. 

Recently, I just witnessed an injustice. Someone gave me the wrong haircut and style yet I allowed it to happen. Maybe because I was too tired to transfer to the right Salon. 

Few weeks before that injustice happened, I was already in the right Salon, Celine's Salon in Sun City Complex in Gensan. Should have went back there instead of going to the one which was closer to my house and gave me the wrong haircut.

Celine's Salon has a very good hairstylist. I just couldn't remember his name but he had enough experience and training from Bench Hairfix Salon in Manila and in Cebu. I remember getting so many likes right after I posted my new hairstyle. Some of my friends even asked where I had my hair done. 

Celine's Salon is a newly opened chic establishment owned and managed by Michelline Sun. They use branded and imported hair and nail products. Their wide array of services comes with VIP treatment. They even serve complimentary snacks like cookies, popcorns, iced teas, juice and coffee to their customers. They also have available gadgets for you to use while waiting in their Wifi'ed' Salon.

Check out Celine Salon's Fanpage for more details and promotions.