Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seafood Island gives back to community

Seafood Island now has a total of 28 branches nationwide and is now opening new restaurant concepts. 

One of them is The BIKERS' CAFE that doesn't only offer balanced and healthy food choices but also Bike Parking and Shower. 

Another one is the cowboy inspired BONE and BARREL Bistro that serves steaks and shank redemption. I've been to their branch in Eastwood Libis and have tried their tapas, salads, bulalo and their specialty and flavoured beers.

And the soon to open CHOPSEUY which will offer Filipino-Chinese style comfort food.

As part of Seafood Island's advocacy and in celebration of their 10th year, they will be launching their BATANG TRI GRASSROOTS Program to give back something to the community. 

The program will train children to be good at sports under Coach Jojo Macalintal. For every purchase of the Jomac Boodle at any Seafood Island, P300 of P1450 will be donated to the program to provide grants in terms of race fees, equipments, clothing allowance, accommodation, food and other need of the aspiring triathletes

For more details, you can check Blackbeard's Seafood Island official Facebook and on Twitter:  @SeafoodIsland and on Instagram: SeafoodIsland