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Scuba Diving in Sarangani

Scuba Diving in Sarangani

I have always wanted to try Scuba Diving not only because I was a merman in my past life but also because of the many underwater adventures I heard from my celebrity friend and certified open sea diver Luis Manzano. So when my Geologist friend Djohanne invited me to go and dive with her in Sarangani, I didn't hesitate and hurriedly withdrew P2,000 from my savings account. 

The best time to go to a dive point is around 8am when the sun is just a quarter up. For first timers like me, you just have to pay a dive master P1500 for a 30-minute orientation and an hour actual dive. The P1500 already covers the professional fee and intro training, gears to use underwater as well as assistance all through out the dive. For beginners, You can go to as deep as 30-40 feet. No need to worry if you don't know how to swim. 

All you need is the will to do it and just breathe from your mouth. Don't panic when you think something is wrong. They will teach you the proper hand signals so they can assist you on your way up and after bring you back 20 feet deep.

There a lot of diving spots in Sarangani. There is a long stretch of marine protected sanctuary in Sarangani that you can enjoy. Also a wide variety of corals both hard and soft, sponges and nemos, gorgonians, and an endless array of reef life. When I was there I was lucky to have seen a turtle and other types of underwater species that I only see in books and encyclopedia. I also heard from other divers that there are snappers, groupers and patrols of sergeant majors swimming around the area.

On that dive is when I first met the wife of Governor Steve Solon, the talkative and charming Michele Solon. The moment she opens her mouth, you'll find yourself listening to all the wonderful stories she has about Sarangani. We took the boat and went to the middle of the sea and jumped into that 60-80 feet deep sanctuary! 

While they were busy swimming with the reef critters, clown fish, angel fish, parrot fish, small jelly fish and many shell fish, I was snorkeling around the boat since I was the only one who wasn't certified yet. 

Maasim is one of the municipalities of Sarangani where you get to try Scuba Diving. It is just 45 minutes away from Gensan. Sarangani is a Dive Haven for certified divers and a home to South Point Divers. It is so beautiful and breath-taking! Lemlunay Resort is just one spot from the many areas where you can dive. It has a seawall with a drop of unidentifiable deep. Others claimed it is around 1500 feet deep. 

The resort is situated on a cliff over looking the marvelous sea of Sarangani and good for intro-divers since they offer diving course. If you decide not to dive and just want to snorkel, go ahead and just pay P250 for a complete set of snorkeling gears. Entrance to the resort and the use of wifi will cost you P100. If you want to swim in their infinity pool, it will cost you another P100. Food in their restaurant ranges from P150-P300 per head. 

If you decide to be certified by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) You may contact Dive Master Joel Sarenas at 0915-991-0800.

I had been to this Lemlunay Resort around 10 times already and twice I did Scuba Diving and thrice Snorkeling.

Scuba Diving in Sarangani
Diving in Sarangani

Here are some video clips I wanna share to you guys!