Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Plateno Hotels Group collaborates with Tune Hotels

Plateno Hotels Group partners with international value hotel group Tune Hotels last September 23 2014. This partnership brings travellers China a direct and easy access to hotel reservation. 

The agreement came with a marketing collaboration that will feature 14 Tune Hotels' properties in Australia, Asia, Scotland and London in Plateno's booking platform.

Plateno's office in Guangzhou operates 2,000 hotels under 5 different brands for more than 300 cities. Plateno has the largest customers who travel for leisure and business and currently has more than 80 million members. 
In line with this partnership, Tune Hotels will have a special promotion exclusively for members of the Plateno Group. They can book hotel rooms through for as low as RMB61 net.

CEO of Tune Hotels Mark Lankester is delighted to be with working with Plateno Group. The collaboration will increase market and trading in Mainland China and will give travellers more comfort when they check in at trusted value hotel. Plateno is looking forward to building a new business concept that will benefit both companies. 

Ninety seven million Chinese traveled overseas last year which was 16.8% increase from 2012's record. As of 3rd quarter this year, it is already reaching the 17% goal giving showing growth of the travel industry in mainland China.

For more details about Tune Hotels, you can read here. For reservation and booking, you may visit