Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Paolo Bediones opens up

Paolo Bediones opens up to PhilStar columnist Ricky Lo about what he has been doing after filing an indefinite leave from TV5 as a news anchor. Paolo isn't ready to comment on the video scandal that went viral because he is still hurting and he feels like that the world is crumbling on him.

Right now, he is training with the Philippines Air Force to become a Reserve Corps officer. He is also attending to 3 restaurants that will open soon, One a resto-pub #Puñta, a Pampanga delicatessen #Balé and a beer place #Hoolala.

Paolo is working hand in hand with the Philippine National Police to prosecute whoever is behind the spreading of his private video. In an interview he had with Ricky Lo on Philippine Star, Paolo said "I don’t want it to happen to anyone else."

Paolo is thankful to the people who have been there for him when this incident happened, friends from the media, his fans, friends and family.

Paolo Bediones will have another show this year #YAMAN as part of his advocacy to give important to natural resources.

Paolo actually didn't need to resign. He is doing a great job as a News Anchor of TV5. Netizens will forget. Yes there will be bashers and he will be criticized, but isn't that proof that you matter to them? But like what Paolo said, We will never know how painful the experience is until you are the one in the spotlight. 

I wish you are doing well Paolo and I hope you come back the soonest. We only have few good anchors in this country. Don't make that even lesser. 

Few people may hate you but still a lot look up to you. Carry on!


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